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Asia were a breakaway from Prog masters Yes, they then made it big upon the release of their best selling debut in 1982.

Orion The Hunter - Orion The Hunter

Essential Series – Purist AOR Volume 1 5 (1)

Here is the very first Volume of our Essential Series – Purist AOR.

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Asia - High Voltage Live

Asia – High Voltage: Live 2 (1)

We’ve reviewed just about every Asia album going. Not all, but many. I’ve added this latest live CD from their…

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Asia - Gravitas

Asia – Gravitas 3 (1)

Overall, Asia’s ‘Gravitas’ an OK listen, but not a completely convincing exercise for mine. The songs drift between prog, symphonic…

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Asia - XXX

Asia – XXX 0 (0)

Asia have kept things straight forward and simplistic, 9 tracks, mostly long, and mostly listenable. Long may it continue and…

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Asia - Omega

Asia – Omega 0 (0)

Look, I don’t wish to hype this album too much, but the facts are ‘Omega’ is a mostly soft rock…

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Asia - Phoenix

Asia – Phoenix 4 (2)

Phoenix’ is all about the original Asia in the 21st century. Mostly, the songs here will appeal greatly to AORsters,…

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Asia - Astra

Asia – Astra 5 (1)

‘Astra’ is technically and sonically brilliant. Way ahead of those two aforementioned Asia albums, and an album that John Wetton…

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Asia - Alpha

Asia – Alpha 5 (2)

If you read what others say about ‘Alpha’ many years later, you’d think that Asia was some sort of pop…

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Asia - Asia

Asia – Asia 4.3 (3)

Asia could never live up to the sales and hype of this debut and although ‘Alpha’ the following year performed…

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Asia - Aqua

Asia – Aqua 3.5 (2)

1992’s ‘Aqua’ would have to be Asia’s most underrated work. An album which just seemed to slip by, considering it…

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Asia - Aria

Asia – Aria 4 (2)

1994 saw yet another chapter in the book written by Geoff Downes and Asia. The sole survivor of the original…

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