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Accept are the longstanding German metal band that typified European metal along with countrymen The Scorpions.

Accept - Predator

Accept – Predator 0 (0)

‘Predator’ was another departure for Accept, with Peter Baltes assuming vocals for three tracks, something he had not done since…

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Accept - Restless And Wild

Accept – Restless And Wild 5 (2)

Until Udo departed in 1986 it’s fair to say Accept never recorded a poor album. ‘Balls To The Wall’ may…

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Accept - Blind Rage

Accept – Blind Rage 0 (0)

Accept returned with a proverbial vengeance in 2010 with ‘Blood Of The Nations’ and new vocalist Mark Tornillo. However it…

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Accept - Balls To The Wall

Accept – Balls To The Wall 5 (2)

Looking back to 1983, it was a year of outstanding hard rock/metal releases, Accept included. ‘Balls To The Wall’ was…

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Accept - Accept

Accept – Accept 3.3 (3)

Accept had been in commission as far back as 1971. I’m not quite sure what they sounded like that far…

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Accept - Objection Overruled

Accept – Objection Overruled 4 (1)

This album was Accept’s best with Udo since ‘Balls To The Wall,’ with the band clearly revitalized.

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