Scarlett - Wait (EP)

Scarlett – Wait (EP)


First known as Scarlet Rose during 1992, a name change to Scarlett plus the release of this EP happened the following year.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Scarlett
ALBUM: Wait (EP)
LABEL: Output Records
SERIAL: 9303-2
YEAR: 1993

LINEUP: Heike Adrian, Susanne Wallit – lead vocals * D.J. Elesky, Marcus Pfeffer – guitars * Gunnar Henges – bass * Ralf Semler – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Open Your Eyes * 02 Wait * 03 Looking For Love * 04 LUV * 05 Dangerous

WEBLINKS: Band Website


Scarlett were a six-piece band from Germany graced with two female lead singers, two guitarists and a rhythm section. For those of you into female fronted melodic rock from this particular time frame, then this band might have some appeal.

It’s fair to say that Europe in general were still releasing many albums in this genre during the 90’s, it’s as if they didn’t get the message about the downturn in the music industry being seen elsewhere around the world. Smaller labels were prominent, so too indie and self releases, which included Scarlett.

This band first came to attention as Scarlet Rose, who released an EP in 1992, plus from what I recall, a handful of other tracks which I’ve since heard. A name change to Scarlett saw the release of this EP the following year.

The Songs

With only five songs on offer, they are split between true hard rock affairs and a couple of meandering moments which demonstrate the change-up ability of the band. Pick of the bunch for me is the razor sharp ‘Looking For Love’ along with the aptly titled ‘Dangerous’. Both feature ample fiery electric guitar while the three other tracks are laden with shimmering acoustic guitar which don’t work as well.

In Summary

The band released two more efforts: the EP ‘Change Your Mind’ and the maxi single ‘The Rose’. Probably not the best time to be releasing melodic rock during the early 90’s era, but there are a handful of rare gems yet to be discovered, including this outfit. As of 2022, Scarlett are still a going concern, with an active website still in operation.


Looking For Love

Scarlett - Wait (1993)


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