Icon - An Even More Perfect Union

Icon – An Even More Perfect Union

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Icon are without a doubt, one of the more popular bands to feature here at Glory Daze. The ‘desert rockers’ from Scottsdale Arizona.

Written by: gdmonline

ALBUM: An Even More Perfect Union
LABEL: Epilogue Entertainment
SERIAL: N-H-877345-2
YEAR: 1995

LINEUP: Jerry Harrison – vocals * Dan Wexler – guitars * Tracy Wallach – bass * Pat Dixon – drums, electronic drums * Kevin Stoller – synthesizers

TRACK LISTING: 01 In Your Eyes * 02 Local Heroes * 03 One Step Behind * 04 Walk Away * 05 Forever Young * 06 Lost Love * 07 Eyes Of A Prisoner * 08 Better Left Unsaid * 09 Left To Be Alone

10 Hold On (previously unreleased) * 11 Way Back to My Heart (previously unreleased) * 12 Stranger Things (previously unreleased) * 13 Strong Love (previously unreleased) * 14 Second Hand People (previously unreleased) * 15 Sweet Young Sinner (bonus track) * 16 Gold Bullets (bonus track) * 17 Little Drummer Boy (bonus track)

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Icon are without a doubt, one of the more popular bands to feature here at Glory Daze. The ‘desert rockers’ from Scottsdale Arizona. The band are the owners of two popular LP’s from the mid 80’s when signed to Capitol Records. The 1984 heavy metal influenced debut, and the AOR and melodic rock tinged ‘Night Of The Crime’ which followed a year later.

Soon after they lost their deal, along with singer Stephen Clifford and guitarist John Aquilino. Jerry Harrison would be the replacement singer, and he would stay on for a few years at least. This didn’t deter Wexler and co from continuing on, which they did: releasing a new set ‘A More Perfect Union’ in 1987, which also featured keyboardist Kevin Stoller. These tracks eventually found their way to a 1995 CD reissue, along with an extra set of tracks, for which the CD became known as ‘An Even More Perfect Union’.

The Songs

Remembering it was the pre-Internet era, and CD’s like this were hard to come by and even harder to know about if you weren’t from the local area. I do remember picking up my CD copy for a modest price. Amazing really, considering the difficulties buyers faced in the years before eBay. I’m astounded at some of the things we did to fulfil our purchasing habits. Kids these days have no idea to what extent we went through.

So what about this album? Well, there are the original nine tracks, plus an extra eight. It is those first ten which appeal more I’d suggest, due to the better quality fidelity and production. Songs like the opening duet ‘In Your Eyes’ and ‘Local Heroes’ typify Icon’s sound, Dan Wexler’s heavy reverb sound dominating the soundscape.

‘One Step Behind’ reminds me of Lion in song structure, while ‘Walk Away’ with its insistent synth parping was the album’s disappointment. The ballad ‘Forever Young’ showed Icon could cut it when they toned things down. ‘Lost Love’ showcases Icon’s punchy metal style though in a commercial vein, while the next pair ‘Eyes Of A Prisoner’ (very Aviator like) and the superb ‘Better Left Unsaid’ are melodic killers!

‘Left To Be Alone’ is the album’s power-ballad moment. Of the extra eight cuts, these are previously unreleased material, and good to have if you are a fan of the band. My favourites from these extras include ‘Way Back To My Heart’ and the ballad ‘Second Hand People’.

In Summary

Long time Icon fans will probably already have this CD in the collection, and for me, it was certainly a good exercise in dragging this one out on the Deth-Deck the other day. Their activity has been a bit confusing in the years following, I won’t regurgitate it, instead read about it on the Wikipedia link shown above.

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