Hamilton Joe Frank And Dennison - Love And Conversation

Hamilton Joe Frank And Dennison – Love And Conversation

82 / 100

‘Love And Conversation’ carries on the soft rock tradition of Hamilton Joe Frank And Dennison, although it was not nearly as successful, producer John D’Andrea’s lush arrangements and Dennison’s keyboard work made for a lethal adult contemporary mixture.

Written by: Eric

ARTIST: Hamilton Joe Frank And Dennison
ALBUM: Love And Conversation
LABEL: Playboy Records
YEAR: 1976
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Dan Hamilton – guitar, lead vocals * Joe Frank Carollo – bass, vocals * Alan Dennison – keyboards, vibes, vocals

Additional Musicians: Jeff Baxter, Jay Graydon, Lee Ritenour, Jimmy George – guitars * David Hungate, James Jamerson – bass * Thomas R. Hensley – keyboards * Joe Correro, Edward Greene – drums * Paulinho DaCosta – percussion * John D’Andrea, Bill Green, Ernie Watts – sax, flute * Bob Findley, Gary Grant – trumpet * Charles Loper, Lou McCreary – trombone * Gayle Levant – harp * Sid Sharp – concert master

TRACK LISTING: 01 You Sold Me A One Way Ticket To Love * 02 I Was There * 03 Don’t Fight The Hands (That Need You) * 04 Love And Conversation * 05 Now That I’ve Got You * 06 Act Of Mercy * 07 Houdini * 08 Old Habits * 09 Get On The Bus


Superb pop from the trio formerly known as Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds. Forming in 1970 and taking a cue from Three Dog Night, Dan Hamilton, Joe Frank Carollo and Tommy Reynolds scored a million seller in 1971 with the top 10 single ‘Don’t Pull Your Love’, but Reynolds was out of the band the following year replaced eventually by Alan Dennison.

Because of their previous hit and some company pressure from new label Playboy Records, the threesome kept the Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds moniker and in 1975 put out one of most deliciously orchestrated pop albums of the decade. The too gorgeous for words title track, ‘Falling In Love’ went straight to number one with follow-up single pick ‘Winners & Losers’ landing midpoint in the top 40. When it came time for the release of ‘Love And Conversation’, Dennison was appropriately included in the band name, now known as Hamilton Joe Frank And Dennison.

The Songs

‘Love And Conversation’ carries on the soft rock tradition of the previous album although was not nearly as successful. Producer John D’Andrea’s lush arrangements and Dennison’s keyboard work made for a lethal adult contemporary mixture. Often coming close to the British band Jigsaw, this is pop music I can get lost in and often do.

Songs like the glossy Van McCoy (‘The Hustle’) penned ‘You Sold Me A One Way Ticket To Love’ which trust me, is far better than it’s cheesy title and the albums first single which unbelievably flopped, ‘Don’t Fight The Hands (That Need You)’ as well as the disco influenced title track make for a compelling listen.

Not to be outdone side two has much to offer including with what I thought should have been a single ‘Now That I’ve Got You’ and where the Jigsaw comparison is strongest while ‘Houdini’ is a smooth as glass disco instrumental that might have found favor in the clubs in the pre- ‘Saturday Night Fever’ era.

In Summary

An excellent non-LP single ‘Light Up The World With Sunshine’ was released in the same period but failed to chart. Why it wasn’t included on the LP is a mystery and despite touring consistently, Hamilton, Joe Frank And Dennison split in 1980.

As far as a CD release that bastion of quality Renaissance Records released both ‘Falling In Love’ and ‘Love And Conversation’ together as ‘The Playboy Years’ which was of typically horrific sound and strangely has disappeared from both Amazon and Renaissance web sites. Hmm. Wonder what happened.

Hamilton Joe Frank And Dennison on Video

Don’t Fight The Hands

Hamilton Joe Frank & Dennison - Don't Fight The Hands - [STEREO]

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