Thin Lizzy - Johnny The Fox

Thin Lizzy – Johnny The Fox


As a follow up to ‘Jailbreak’, Thin Lizzy were reasonably successful with this album reaching #11 in the UK charts.

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ARTIST: Thin Lizzy
ALBUM: Johnny The Fox
LABEL: Vertigo
SERIAL: 9102 012
YEAR: 1976
CD REISSUE: Reissue List

LINEUP: Phil Lynott – lead vocals, bass * Scott Gorham – lead guitar * Brian Robertson – lead guitar * Brian Downey – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Johnny * 02 Rocky * 03 Borderline * 04 Don’t Believe A Word * 05 Fool’s Gold * 06 Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The Weed * 07 Old Flame * 08 Massacre * 09 Sweet Marie * 10 Boogie Woogie Dance

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After the success of ‘Jailbreak’ earlier in 1976, Thin Lizzy had to cut short the supporting tour for that album due to a hepatitis illness suffered by Phil Lynott. While incapacitated, he focused on writing material for the next album ‘Johnny The Fox’ which came out in a surprising short turnaround, issued in October 1976, some seven months after ‘Jailbreak’.

The Songs

The album contained three songs which were made popular on the ‘Live And Dangerous’ album a few years later, including ‘Don’t Believe A Word’, ‘Massacre’ and ‘Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The Weed’. Lynott’s writing style was still heavily dependent by Celtic influences, and this would be evident right up to 1979’s ‘Black Rose’ LP. Other highlights include the acoustic driven ‘Borderline’ written by Brian Robertson.

In Summary

Thin Lizzy were reasonably successful with this album reaching #11 in the UK charts, ‘Don’t Believe A Word’ getting to #12 in the single charts. Thin Lizzy went on tour with the album, with American band Clover in support. All of Thin Lizzy’s albums from the 1974 to 1979 are worth collecting, if not to be privy to Lynott’s songwriting and musical genius.


Don’t Believe A Word


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