Eric Quincy Tate - Eqt

Eric Quincy Tate – EQT

85 / 100

The sound of Eric Quincy Tate is more blues based than most bands of this style with elements of Honky Tonk and Gospel.

Written by: Eric

ARTIST: Eric Quincy Tate
LABEL: GRC Records
SERIAL: GA 10015
YEAR: 1975
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Wayne ‘Bear’ Sauls – guitars, background vocals * Donnie McCormick – lead vocals, drums * Joseph Rogers – keyboards, harmonica * David Cantonwine – bass

TRACK LISTING: 01 Honky Tonk Man * 02 No Rollin’ Boogie * 03 Food, Phone, Gas And Lodging * 04 Chattahoochie Coochee Man * 05 Wide Open * 06 Intro * 07 Drivin’ Wheel * 08 Big Boss Jam



Sorry, no one named Eric Quincy Tate in this band coming from the heart of Southern rock – Macon, Georgia. The group name was chosen from several sources ‘Eric’ from The Animals Eric Burdon, ‘Quincy’ culled from a city in Massachusetts and ‘Tate’ from a Navy friend one of the band members served with. Just how much alcohol was consumed when they came up with the moniker is unknown, but these guys were the real deal when it comes to Southern fried and Whiskey soaked rock ‘n’ roll and believe it or not are still kicking ass to this day.

Now as many of you know, this style of music has never been a favourite of mine. The cliches of Southern rock are many and true classics are few and far between in my opinion. Contrary to the image of Americans portrayed by some sources, every time I see a Confederate flag or hear ‘Freebird’ on the radio I wince and I dislike Budweiser Beer and NASCAR all of which seem to be tied in with the genre from the beginning.

Essentially a regional and uniquely American music brought to a larger audience in the late 60’s and early 70’s thanks to The Allman Brothers, Southern rock had it’s day and died or started a quick decline with the tragic plane crash in Mississippi in 1977 that nearly wiped out Lynyrd Skynyrd. Since then (again, my opinion) it’s been nothing but grotesque Frank Frazetta album covers, cheap imitators and beer bellied solo albums which gives me all the more reason to go back to the classic Southern rock albums including this gem – ‘EQT’,

The Songs

Recorded half in the studio and live at ‘Chattahoocee River Ramblin Raft Race’ in Atlanta, this was the bands third album. The sound of Eric Quincy Tate is more Blues based than most bands of this style with elements of Honky Tonk and Gospel. There is no triple guitar attack here since guitarist Wayne ‘Bear’ Sauls carries the songs with a sweet and warm guitar sound. Like the first Marshall Tucker Band album, ‘EQT’ brings the atmosphere and passion of Southern Americana to the listener, instead of force feeding faux metal riffs and Pick-up Truck lyrics.

Of the two sides, I prefer the studio material and songs like ‘No Rollin’ Boogie’ and ‘Wide Open’, but its clear these guys cooked in a live setting and it’s not a wonder they opened for so many bands and artists from Hydra and Lynyrd Skynyrd to REO Speedwagon and unbelievably British prog rockers Yes. Wonder how they went over at that show?

In Summary

Copies of ‘EQT’ shouldn’t be too difficult to find, despite its indie label status. Rhino Records and its ‘Handmade’ imprint has reissued the first Eric Quincy Tate on CD in a limited edition, but ‘EQT’ remains an LP only entity that deserves a wider audience. As I said, these cats are still playing and recently released a live album ‘Thirty Seven’ recorded in Atlanta celebrating their 37th anniversary. A long time. More power to ’em!

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Eric Quincy Tate - EQT * 1975

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