Glyder - Glyder

Glyder – Glyder

86 / 100

Like The Hollies and to some extent the Bee Gees, Glyder show no pretensions to be anything other than a good pop band and that’s fine with me.

Written by: Eric

ARTIST: Glyder
ALBUM: Glyder
LABEL: Warner Bros
SERIAL: WB K 56167
YEAR: 1975
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Andy Price – guitars, vocals * Kevin Turner – guitars, vocals * Nevil Kiddier – mandolin, percussion, guitar, backing vocals * Gareth Kiddier – lead guitar, piano * Keith Brown – tenor sax, clarinet, vocals * David Bronze – bass, vocals * David Engel – drums, percussion

TRACK LISTING: 01 It Doesn’t Matter Anymore * 02 She Left Me At The Station * 03 Good To Be Alive * 04 Cause I Loved You * 05 Too Far * 06 Tomorrow Still Comes * 07 Treat Me Nice * 08 See It Now * 09 Long Fight * 10 Love Gave Me Everything * 11 Simple Song * 12 Cause I Loved You (Reprise)


Not to be confused with the current Irish hard rock band of the same name, this rather largish UK group was treading the boards in the mid-1970’s. The Internet is not exactly helpful with information on Glyder, but producer Mike Claydon is best known for his production and engineering work for the Bee Gees and we are not talking their disco period many of you are probably more aware of for better or worse. Their early pop rock sound from the late 60’s through the early 70’s and some of those same vibrations can be found on this album.

The Songs

There are three bands that automatically come to mind when listening to this record. Of course the Bee Gees are a hard to miss point of reference, but also The Hollies for the rich harmony vocals and Scottish pop gods Pilot. Sound a little too soft and not enough AOR for ya? Think back to the better moments of the Alexis album and you will find much to like here.

The album is heavily orchestrated with progressive rock keys found here and there, never too heavy but just enough to add a sense of style to each song. Lyrically, Glyder were again were very reminiscent of The Hollies with ‘The Air That I Breathe’/ ‘He Aint Heavy’ subject matter which they seemed to be very comfortable with. Favorite tracks? Too many to mention, but the opener ‘It Doesn’t Matter Anymore’ and the most Brothers Gibb like track on the album ‘Cause I Loved You’ are at the top.

In Summary

Like The Hollies and to some extent the Bee Gees, Glyder show no pretensions to be anything other than a good pop band and that’s fine with me. The album has never been released on CD, but it certainly deserves the digital treatment. Glyder is a forgotten blip in the history of British pop that is getting more difficult to find, but worth every cent and effort to get your hands on.

Glyder on Video


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