David - Presence

David – Presence

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A varied contrast is presented to us with this self-released effort by one-time MPG guitarist David Mikeal, we get a mix of distinctive styles on ‘Presence’, there’s 60’s, Beatles references, 80’s-style hard rock, and a faint spiritual/mystical shading.

Written by: gdmonline

ALBUM: Presence
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 1998
SPONSOR: David Mikeal
CD INFO: Discogs Info List

LINEUP: David Mikeal – vocals, guitars, keyboard, bass, drums, harmonica * Bill Gifford – bass, vocals * David Tinny – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Conversation * 02 All The Girls Get Lonely * 03 Save The World * 04 No More Heroes * 05 Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band/I Am The Walrus/The End * 06 Retro Rockets * 07 The Awakening/Eternal Love * 08 Anything 4 U * 09 Never Give It Up * 10 Big Dog * 11 Lonely Old Man



A varied contrast is presented to us with this self-released effort by one-time MPG guitarist David Mikeal. He’s come a long way since those heady pomp-filled days of MPG. We get a mix of distinctive styles on ‘Presence’. Some unashamed throwbacks to the 60’s, The Beatles reference particularly the songwriting aspect all too obvious, 80’s-style hard rock, and a faint spiritual/mystical shading.

Mainly though, it’s an acoustic/electric crossover, comparable to the likes of Eric Martin era Mr Big, Arizona rockers Innuendo and Seattle based Christian rocker Brett Williams & In Reach. Throughout, there is ample evidence of Mikeal’s guitar prowess, and I’m sure that on his day, he can wail away with the best of them judging from the solos found on this album!

The Songs

Starting out with ‘Conversation’, it provides us with an acoustic wash, those Innuendo, and Brett Williams references as mentioned, plus a host of other modern rockers you’ve bound to have heard since the year 2000.. all striking home.

You’d swear Mr Big had gate-crashed David’s party, with ‘All The Girls Get Lonely’ taking on a definite Eric Martin slant. The mainly acoustic rocker ‘Save The World’ throws out lashes of electric throughout, the old wah-wah getting a good dose plus the occasional harmonica. Again, use Mr Big as a reference point.

Meanwhile ‘No More Heroes’ sounds as if it could be two songs. just when you thought it was over, a superlative guitar solo is unleashed, rather unsuspectingly. Great stuff! The cover of ‘Sgt Peppers.. and I Am The Walrus’ is whimsical to say the least, and is indicative of where Mikeal’s influence is drawn from.

The fast-tracked multi-vocal ‘Retro Rocket’ is a prelude to the luscious ‘The Awakening/Eternal Love’. Even the title is a giveaway.. very mystical, new age even.. bringing to mind the sound last heard on the one-off Celestium album many moons ago. I can see the Angels flying about as I write!

We’re on the hard rock road with the fantastic ‘Anything 4U’, a guitar-oriented tune with a fair bit of beef on the plate. Lyrically, ‘Big Dog’ sounds as if it is a ‘dig’ at officialdom, the overriding tone dark and brooding, whilst the closer ‘Lonely Old Man’ sees the harmonica come out to play on this sad styled ode with a blues hint.

In Summary

There are some clever lyrics, and the overall package is more commercial, when compared to his previous solo effort ‘Journey To Poexula’ released three years prior. Apparently, sources on the Internet indicate a third solo album is in the wind, though that was some time ago. But, you know what we all want to see and hear? A re-release of the MPG album, plus tracks from the never released second album. Now that would be something!

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