Velocity - Impact

Velocity – Impact


Everything about ‘Impact’ from David Victor and Velocity just connects so easily on the neural level, fantastic songs, great instrumentation, and some moments that simply astound.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Velocity
ALBUM: Impact
SERIAL: 199651
YEAR: 1998
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: David Victor – vocals, guitars * Chris Dodge – guitar * Chris Thornton – bass * Pat Torpey – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 You Don’t Amaze Me Anymore * 02 Julia Ann * 03 Supernatural Lover * 04 She’s Been Around * 05 Janine * 06 Riot Goin’ On * 07 More Than Tonight * 08 Love Is Dangerous * 09 One Minute To Midnight * 10 Open Road



No two ways about it. David Victor and his band Velocity were heads and tails above most other pretenders during what I call ‘the barren years of AOR’ that were the late 90’s. Originally formed in San Francisco during 1996, ‘Impact’ was self-released the following year, and virtually no-one was listening to it.

David says a fervent supporter of the band played tracks on his radio station K-ROCK based in Salt Lake City Utah; enough to draw a huge response from local listeners, which saw the band sell upward of 5000 CD’s and eventually play live in the city where the band were treated like heroes!

Judging by the quality of songs here, it’s easy to compare to Steelhouse Lane and Captive Heart, two bands on the MTM Music roster. Near flawless melodic rock.

The Songs

Everything about ‘Impact’ just connects so easily on the neural level. Fantastic songs, great instrumentation, and some moments that simply astound. ‘You Don’t Amaze Me Anymore’ prowls menacingly from the get-go. Admittedly the guitar tone didn’t do a lot for me on this one, but it gets better as the album progresses.

‘Julia Ann’ takes us further into Velocity’s aural vice like grip, it’ll be hard to extricate myself and we’re only two songs in! The tempo slows for the ethereal ‘Supernatural Lover’, but picks up soon after for the essential ‘She’s Been Around’. This lot are definitely making an impact!

The first ballad ‘Janine’ is a killer tune, love this one, refer below. ‘Riot Going On’ sees Velocity take a step back to the 80’s, so many influences here, pick and choose your own. ‘More Than Tonight’ is the second ballad, again a heap of artists could compare, I’m not going to make an attempt.

Why do I think of Ratt when I listen to ‘Love Is Dangerous’? Is it the guitar lines of that chorus perhaps? Whatever, it’s a great tune. Velocity lift the ratings up for the boisterous ‘One Minute To Midnight’, a melodic rocker with a blues twinge. ‘Open Road’ is the album finale, a guitar instrumental with more chops than a yardful of lambs!

In Summary

‘Impact’ was picked up by MTM Music for release in 1998 (this review is based on that release), and it made huge friends all around the hard rock community at the time. Victor released ‘Activator’ in 2001, a five-track EP which is pretty hard to find now, though I’ve recently seen it available on CD Baby.

Meantime, Victor plays in the band Platinum Rockstars, a glam rock band, he’s also in Bostyx, a tribute band based on.. well, I think you can guess. He’s also a member of the live Boston line-up. A busy chap indeed. Acquire this CD at all costs!


You Don’t Amaze Me Anymore

You Don't Amaze Me Anymore

Love Is Dangerous
Love Is Dangerous


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