Bad Company - Straight Shooter

Bad Company – Straight Shooter

85 / 100

‘Straight Shooter’ was a much anticipated follow-up to the 1974 Bad Company debut album, an album that went No 1 on the Billboard charts, on this one, there are eight tracks, including the dynamic duo of ‘Good Lovin’ Gone Bad’ and the hit single and ‘Feel Like Making Love’.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Bad Company
ALBUM: Straight Shooter
LABEL: Swan Song
YEAR: 1975
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Paul Rodgers – vocals, piano, guitar * Mick Ralphs – lead guitars * Boz Burrell – bass * Simon Kirke – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Good Lovin’ Gone Bad * 02 Feel Like Makin’ Love * 03 Weep No More * 04 Shooting Star * 05 Deal With The Preacher * 06 Wild Fire Woman * 07 Anna * 08 Call On Me



Before David Coverdale came along and warbled to one and all about the blues and the downtrodden, there was Phil Mogg of UFO. And before Mogg there was the quintessential Paul Rodgers, first of 60’s revelation Free then of everybody’s favourite classic rockers Bad Company.

The history of this band does not need to be repeated here, you can find it on a Wikipedia page or on their website. ‘Straight Shooter’ was a much anticipated follow-up to the 1974 debut album, an album that went No 1 on the Billboard charts featuring the hit ‘Can’t Get Enough (Of Your Love)’ which went to No 5 in the single charts. Recorded during the latter part of 1974, ‘Straight Shooter’ was eventually released in April 1975 to an enthusiastic response.

The Songs

Eight tracks, and most of them are well worn and well remembered. The dynamic duo of ‘Good Lovin’ Gone Bad’ and the hit single (and classic rock staple of today) ‘Feel Like Making Love’ are both essential tracks within the Bad Company repertoire, and any mention of this band’s discography from the early days will surely recall these two classics.

Some people have commented on the web about the two tracks that Simon Kirke wrote: namely ‘Shooting Star’ and ‘Anna’. The first is about a rock and roll hero who dies too early (no doubt based upon the memorials of Joplin, Morrison and Hendrix), while the latter is a lovely ballad – a track I have enjoyed for years and I’m still counting.

There’s a lot of tinker-tap piano on ‘Weep No More’ to be found, the song also has some Queen like guitar parts from Mick Ralphs. ‘Deal With The Preacher’ has a gritty bluesy feel, topped by Rodgers soulful vocals. ‘Wild Fire Woman’ is a cross between funk and swamp rock, with a load of slide guitar and flanger effects to be had. ‘Call On Me’ is the album’s finale, a mournful tune steeped in the delta blues tradition.

In Summary

During 1975, Swan Song had two top bands on their roster: Led Zeppelin and Bad Company. Both were at the top of their game during this time frame, though their fortunes would slide as the decade wore on, with the latter selling a boatload of albums right up to 1979’s ‘Desolation Angels’. There’s more on their discography with their other albums reviewed here at Glory Daze.


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