Atello - Welcome To The Wrecking Ball

Atello – Welcome To The Wrecking Ball


I cannot find any fault with Atello’s WTTWB’. It’s superbly done and the performances are first rate.

Written by: Dangerzone

ARTIST: Atello
ALBUM: Welcome To The Wrecking Ball
LABEL: Atello Music
YEAR: 2002
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LINEUP: Larry Atello – vocals * Paul Danni – guitars * Ralph Heiss – bass * T Motts – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Wrecking Ball * 02 Feed My Head * 03 Tied Up In Love * 04 Wish I Could Love Her * 05 Before My Eyes * 06 Dirty Mind * 07 Meltdown * 08 Over The Moon * 09 Too Bad To Be Good * 10 The Money Shot * 11 A Lifetime Away * 12 Hard To The Core



New York quartet Atello seem to have cornered the independent American hard rock scene with their traditional rock ‘n’ roll sound. ‘Welcome To The Wrecking Ball’ is the follow up to 1999’s acclaimed debut ‘The Big Payoff’, as documented here previously at Glory Daze.

Atello have added Paul Danni to the lineup for this one, providing a much needed guitarist and songwriter to compliment the original three members. Thankfully Atello have stayed true to their roots on ‘WTTWB’ offering another shot of the 80’s hard rock style so many avoid these days (including the 80’s outfits). That’s not to say it’s dated. Far from it. It’s still modern and very good.

The Songs

I must confess to thinking it was 1987 when I heard hard as nails opener ‘Wrecking Ball’. It has that riffing that defines hard rock, and the best comparison is 87-89 Motley Crue. Larry Atello has a Vince Neil tinge to his vocals, although far more accomplished, with a superior range.

‘Feed My Head’ is downright heavy, no frills rock, huge riffing a a tight rhythm section. ‘Tied Up In Love’ has a decidedly more modern feel, but the chorus is so 80’s it could be Ratt. Except better in this day and age. ‘Wish I Could Love Her’ is much lighter, one of those upbeat acoustic love songs which builds up steam along the way. It reminds me of Guns ‘N’ Roses ‘Used To Love Her’, but it’s just the use of similar words I think.

The power ballad is unleashed with ‘Before My Eyes’, exceptional music which really takes its time leading up to the killer hook line, but with immense rewards. Larry Atello excels here, emotional delivery with a stellar solo from Danni. ‘Dirty Mind’ is straight forward, a less than three minute blast of sleazy, dangerous hard rock, which only the Americans are capable of.

‘Meltdown’ is relentless, Atello’s wall of noise on the furious side. Great lyrics also, about breaking free of life’s shackles. ‘Over The Moon’ is the song which fits into today’s chart scene, but the chorus sets it apart, always on the 80 side. ‘Too Bad To Be Good’ is more good time rock ‘n’ roll, catchy too, which is the all important aspect.

‘The Money Shot’ leaves nothing to the imagination lyrically wise and is the longest song at over six minutes. Raunchy fare like this is what made the scene so great once. ‘A Lifetime Away’ is another ballad, this time of the Poison variety circa 88-90 to give you an idea of its nature. Atello have their own defined sound thankfully, ensuring it could never be a blatant copy.

‘Hard To The Core’ ends the album on a metal note, the bands tribute to the resilience of their much beloved New York City, after the terrorist attacks of last year. Hair raising aggression throughout this stormer. Hardcore indeed. This shames Megadeth in the year 2002.

In Summary

I cannot find any fault with Atello’s WTTWB’. It’s superbly done and the performances are first rate. Atello are pro’s and there is nothing crude about their sound or production. Their understanding of what makes successful hard rock is second to none.

It’s sad that their style of rock has been out of favor with the mainstream for so long. More power for sticking to their guns. If any band was poised to make a breakthrough then it would be Atello. Anyone who loves music of this sort would be foolish to ignore this.


Wrecking Ball

The Wrecking Ball

Feed My Head
Feed My Head

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