Manowar - Warriors Of The World

Manowar – Warriors Of The World


Unfortunately, this is Manowar’s weakest effort to date. The tried and tested formula of metal overcoming all seem to have run itself into the ground.

Written by: Dangerzone

ARTIST: Manowar
ALBUM: Warriors Of The World
LABEL: Metal Blade
SERIAL: 3984-14414-2
YEAR: 2002
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Eric Adams – vocals * Joey De Maio – bass * Karl Logan – guitars * Scott Columbus – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Call To Arms * 02 The Fight For Freedom * 03 Nessun Dorma * 04 Valhalla * 05 Swords In The Wind * 06 An American Trilogy * 07 The March * 08 Warriors Of The World United * 09 Hand Of Doom * 10 House Of Death * 11 Fight Until We Die



Six long years since the lackluster ‘Louder Than Hell’ Manowar have finally rewarded their long-suffering fans with a new album. For most of those six years they have been touring the world, releasing two live albums. These worldly experiences have formed the basis for ‘Warriors Of The World’, its flag-strewn cover similar to 1988’s ‘Kings Of Metal’.

Since its release ‘WOTW’ has been doing massive sales in Europe, Germany specifically, who seem quite receptive to Manowar’s failsafe brand of traditional metal. Unfortunately, this is Manowar’s weakest effort to date. The tried and tested formula of metal overcoming all seem to have run itself into the ground, for which the reasons are twofold.

The Songs

Early Manowar remains some of heavy metal’s more potent moments. These guys are among the more talented musicians of the genre. I’ve never denied that. The concept of metal ruling all has always struck a chord with those of us who also felt metal was our way of life, and that somehow we were being persecuted. In that respect Manowar were rebels.

While ‘WOTW’ still does its best to convey this, the message has become diluted. Manowar has had six years to think of original material, but two tracks include a cover of Pavarotti’s party piece ‘Nessun Dorma’ and a standard ‘An American Trilogy’ which Elvis was known for. While these have a slight novelty value, they are no substitute for two originals.

We know Adams has an amazing range, did he need this to prove it? Also present are the usual Manowar instrumentals, the brief interlude ‘Valhalla’ and a symphonic piece ‘The March’, all of which is wrong here. Where Manowar used to make you get up and headbang, now one sits around waiting for the next track.

The band seems obsessed with the addition of classical elements, which run through many songs. This really tones down the ferocity that Manowar is capable of. There’s plenty of blood and thunder in ‘House Of Death’, ‘Hand Of Doom’ and ‘Fight Until We Die’, but they’ve done better – listen to ‘Kill With Power’ from 1984 for instance.

The faster tracks almost appear token amongst the numerous slower and synth-ridden, symphonic warrior anthems. Manowar has also cut back on the actual use of the word ‘metal’, a slight shame. The lyrics almost all concern the ancient warrior theme, but we still get moments like ‘brothers of metal together again.’

Other songs like ‘Fight For Freedom’, ‘Call To Arms’ and ‘Swords In The Wind’ are standard Manowar cuts, all of which could easily have been recorded in 1988. Same production, same sound.

In Summary

I do know that Manowar has done better, and the whole concept has become routine. I’m sure the fans love it. Normally I would, but I don’t feel the magic of the past. Plain and simple ‘WOTW’ does not tear my face off. It is easy to become blind to a band’s faults. I’ve tended to ignore Manowar’s over the years, but this is inexcusable.

The filler on offer is criminal. The quality is spread very thinly. If it wasn’t for ‘House Of Death’, then what a washout this would be. Thumbs up to the lads for sticking to their guns: ‘fuck you to the disbelievers’ they write on the liner notes. Six years is just asking for trouble though. Play ‘Battle Hymns’ and forget this. For purists only.


Warriors Of The World United

MANOWAR - Warriors Of The World United (Live) - OFFICIAL VIDEO

House Of Death
Manowar - House of death

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