UFO - No Place To Run

UFO – No Place To Run


With production of the album complete at the end of 1979, UFO and their label Chrysalis, released ‘No Place To Run’ in January of 1980.

Written by: gdmonline

ALBUM: No Place To Run
LABEL: Chrysalis
YEAR: 1980
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Phil Mogg – vocals * Paul Chapman – guitars * Pete way – bass * Paul Raymond – guitars, keyboards * Andy Parker – drums, percussion

TRACK LISTING: 01 Alpha Centauri * 02 Lettin’ Go * 03 Mystery Train * 04 This Fire Burns Tonight * 05 Gone In The Night * 06 Young Blood * 07 No Place To Run * 08 Take It Or Leave It * 09 Money Money * 10 Anyday



The latter part of 1979 was used by the band UFO to record their album ‘No Place To Run’. UFO’s started recording this album from July 1979 onwards with producer George Martin at the helm, best known for his work with The Beatles. Of course ‘No Place To Run’ follows hard on the very successful double live album ‘Strangers In The Night’, a massive album and the highlight of the band’s career over the course of their discography.

Unfortunately, that album saw the departure of super guitarist Michael Schenker, who would go on to join his brother Rudolph in The Scorpions. Michael’s appearance with that band was limited to a handful of tracks on their 1979 album ‘Love Drive’. The following year Michael would form his own group and forge his career as a solo artist right through into the 80s and beyond.

Schenker’s replacement came in the form of Welsh guitarist Paul Chapman, who came from the band Lone Star. Chapman was a more than capable all-round guitarist, and though Schenker was a star on lead guitar, Chapman was able to add another dimension to UFO’s sound. ‘No Place To Run’ was his first appearance with the band.

The Songs

In the normal course, I would have frowned on the use of George Martin as producer. However, this album sounds sonically very good, so that suggests that Martin’s production hand was more than capable within this genre. Indeed, if you hear some of these tracks, you’ll be wondering why I ever doubted him.

Firstly, let’s get beyond the opening track ‘Alpha Centauri’, a two-minute instrumental of no real value. Much better is the opening salvo of ‘Lettin’ Go’, which really is trademark UFO. Typically, UFO deliver a blues oriented track somewhere along the way. Track three is such an example, ‘Mystery Train’ starts out with an acoustic guitar riff, which sounds as if it has been nicked from Van Halen‘s Spanish Fly’. Overall though a great song.

Even better is ‘This Fire Burns Tonight’. It has a Bad Company vibe to it, with it’s pumping bass lines and great chorus. ‘Young Blood’ was the band’s first single, though it wouldn’t have been my own personal selection as a single. The title track is next and is probably the album highlight.’ Take It Or Leave It’ is a laid-back number, mostly acoustic but nice nonetheless. ‘Money Money’ is an energetic number, quite youthful sounding, perhaps influenced by the new wave and pop rock styles that were dominating the scene at the time.

In Summary

With production of the album complete at the end of 1979, UFO and their label Chrysalis, released ‘No Place To Run’ in January of 1980. The band toured right throughout 1980 and would reconvene again in the studio for 1981’s excellent ‘The Wild, The Willing And The Innocent’. This album was re-issued in 2009 by Chrysalis, a near 30 year anniversary and well worth the effort too!


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Alpha Centauri (2009 Remaster)

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