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Ambrosia were originally a progressive rock band from L.A that become more commercial overtime. Eventually settled on a west coast/AOR crossover. Features David Pack.

Ambrosia - Road Island

Ambrosia – Road Island 0 (0)

Ambrosia took a bold step on this their final album, pursuing a lumbering hard rock sound totally opposed to the…

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Ambrosia - One Eighty

Ambrosia – One Eighty 4 (1)

A popular band here at GDM among the writing staff is L.A outfit Ambrosia. Starting out from Progressive beginnings, the…

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Ambrosia - Life Beyond LA

Ambrosia – Life Beyond LA 4 (1)

All of Ambrosia’s five studio albums offer something unique and different, with this one however, the band decided to set…

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Ambrosia - Ambrosia

Ambrosia – Ambrosia 3 (1)

Though known mostly in West Coast music circles, Ambrosia at the time of their debut were heavily influenced by British…

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