Point Blank - On A Roll

Point Blank – On A Roll

88 / 100

By the time 1982 rolled around, Point Blank were sounding anything but Texan, with fat keyboards and rollicking melodic rock influences hitting home.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Point Blank
ALBUM: On A Roll
YEAR: 1982
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LINEUP: Bobby Keith – vocals * Rusty Burns – guitars, vocals * Kim Davis – guitars, vocals * Michael Hamilton – keyboards, vocals * Bill Randolph – bass * Peter Gruen – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 On A Roll * 02 I Just Want To Know * 03 Love On Fire * 04 Don’t Look Down * 05 Great White Line * 06 Let Her Go * 07 Gone Hollywood * 08 Take Me Up


A Texan band with a deep history of southern rock ‘n’ blues since the late 70’s. By the time 1982 rolled around, Point Blank were sounding anything but Texan, with fat keyboards and rollicking melodic rock influences hitting home. In fact the band were vastly different than on their earlier material, coming at you like a cross between Doc Holliday (circa ‘Modern Medicine’, though not as bad as that album) and a heap of other 80’s heroes.

However, for a remarkable change in direction they haven’t done too badly, with the songs definitely opting on the cranky side, rather than a watered down radio safe approach. Singer Bobby Keith, who replaced original singer John O’Daniel the year previous on their ‘American Excess’ album, gives a good account of himself, and you can tell he comes from the Steve Perry side of Main Street.

The Songs

Point Blank’s title track has hi-tech keyboards streaming in, followed by the brilliant radio orientation of ‘I Just Want To Know’ with a killer chorus and mid section. ‘Love On Fire’ brings back vivid reminders of primetime Atlanta Rhythm Section, though ‘Don’t Look Down’ is mundane and uninspiring. However the same can’t be said for ‘Great White Line’, finishing off with a top heavy climax of guitar and keyboard flurries both competing with each other.

Probably the most AOR effort on this one is the superb ‘Let Her Go’, a contender for the Head East ‘Choice Of Weapons’ soundalike contest. And then there’s ‘Gone Hollywood’ which is so much like Canadian’s Harlequin it ain’t funny. ‘Take Me Up’ brandishes some Texan guitar fuel in a ripsnorting blues rock workout, though the keyboard finish gives it more gloss than it probably needs.

In Summary

Unfortunately, this was the end of the road for Point Blank during their first incarnation, as they broke up not long after, but reconvened in the 2000’s with a further three albums (2007-2009). Needless to say, they are a band for which any self respecting melodic rock fan should have some of their material stashed away in the old vinyl or CD collection. Either the first four southern blues efforts with John O’Daniel singing, or the two AOR efforts with Bobby Keith singing. Check out our 2002 interview with Rusty Burns as well.

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