Paul Janz - High Strung

Paul Janz – High Strung

83 / 100

Another Canadian re-release to see the light of day on CD is GDM favourite Paul Janz, and his first solo album from 1985 ‘Highly Strung’.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Paul Janz
ALBUM: High Strung
YEAR: 1985
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Paul Janz – vocals, keyboards * Darryl Burgess – drums * Doug Edwards – bass * Dave Pickell – keyboards * David Sinclair – guitars

TRACK LISTING: 01 High Strung * 02 Don’t Cry Tonight * 03 Close My Eyes * 04 Solid Ground * 05 All I Have * 06 Go To Pieces * 07 Suggestions Of Love * 08 Cover To Cover * 09 Right From The Start * 10 Waiting


Another Canadian re-release to see the light of day on CD is GDM favourite Paul Janz, and his first solo album from 1985 ‘Highly Strung’. The guys at Escape Music must be reading my mind as to the albums I want to see re-released on CD.

So far, all my Canadian favourites seem to be hitting the mark, and what with master-tapes being found, and todays technology enabling a digital rebirth, more of these so-called ‘era releases’ will be given the CD treatment, believe you me. Anyway, do we need a complete history lesson on Paul Janz? Nah, I don’t think so. How about a shortened and abbreviated version instead?

From a Canadian Mennonite family, The Janz clan took flight to Switzerland when Paul was a toddler. Growing up in Europe, Paul’s first musical venture was gospel based, but in time, pop and rock music would prevail, and along with his brothers and a few hangers-on, the predominantly Christian band Deliverance was formed.

They were popular in places like Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but by 1979, Deliverance had run its course. Paul moved back home to Canada in 1980 and worked in Vancouver doing jingles and songwriting.

The Songs

During that time he released a bunch of demos; some of which were heard by CBS and A&M Records. He signed with the latter, and recorded this, his debut album ‘Highly Strung’ in 1985, the same year in which another Vancouver resident on the same label (a certain Bryan Adams), was about to take the world by storm with his ground-breaking ‘Reckless’ album.

‘Highly Strung’ featured the hit single ‘I Go To Pieces’, and by years end, Janz had won a Juno Award for most promising male vocalist. The album could’ve done a whole lot better had Paul gotten out on the road to support it (perhaps supporting Bryan Adams?) But touring costs put paid to that idea.

Of course, Paul went on to release the fantastic pairing of ‘Electricity’ and ‘Renegade Romantic’ a couple of years later. This album featured a strong contingent of musicians, with members from local bands such as Straight Lines and Body Electric being involved.

In Summary

For those that didn’t know, Paul spent a few years based in the UK undertaking a doctrate in Theology at Cambridge University. Though Paul is not active in the music scene at the present time, the Janz name continues in Canadian pop/rock music circles through the talent of Paul’s son Chris. Check out his site: to see what the next generation of the Janz family is up to.

In the meantime, another thumbs up to the Escape Music team for bringing a collectors prize once again into the digital Realm. The original album has been painstakingly restored, and contains the original ten tracks, with no bonus material I’m afraid. If however you are a Paul Janz fan like me, then you’ll do yourself a favour (perhaps not so your credit card), and get out and buy this for the sake of it.


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