Isle Of Man - Isle Of Man

Isle Of Man – Isle Of Man

86 / 100

I’m uncertain how this hi-tech pop outfit Isle Of Man ever acquired a record deal, this would rank as one of the not-so-good examples of the sub-genre from the mid 80’s era, avoid.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Isle Of Man
ALBUM: Isle Of Man
LABEL: Pasha
YEAR: 1986
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Robert Parlee – lead and backing vocals * Raun (Ron Aniello) – guitars, keyboards * Jamie Roberto – bass, violin, vocals * Ronnie Lee Sage – drums, percussion, backing vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Am I Forgiven * 02 Building Bridges * 03 Speaking English * 04 Desperate Surrender (Amor Moriendo) * 05 Skin Trade * 06 Afraid Of Heights * 07 Land Of The Heroes * 08 Rock Of Ages * 09 Tenderness * 10 Only The Brave



No, Isle Of Man the band did not originate from Isle Of Man the country. They were an American outfit with a seemingly international cast of players, the best known being prominent producer Ron Aniello, though IoM would be one of his earliest projects by the looks of things. An exotic background perhaps with singer Robert Parlee (Parlez) having French origins and bassist Jamie Roberto of Nicaraguan heritage, but that’s where the interest hits a brick wall for me I’m afraid.

The Songs

The production from Pasha Records mentor Spencer Proffer along with the band – sounds ok, but the material is not the best you’ve ever heard, lack-lustre and uninspiring. Despite releasing three singles (‘Am I Forgiven’, ‘Building Bridges’ and ‘Desperate Surrender’) I don’t actually hear a proper hit single. I’m listening to this, and wondering how this lot ever managed to release a major label album when far superior acts operating in the same timeframe couldn’t land a trick or a hard earned record contract.

Of the ten tracks, not one of them made an impression on my synapses. Most of them drifted in and out of a dreamy melancholic haze, the rock factor extremely neutered and devoid mostly, though the aforementioned ‘Desperate Surrender’ and ‘Tenderness’ would be two exceptions, so too The Police sounding ‘Speaking English’ with its frugal sound and hint of reggae.

In Summary

I’m uncertain how this hi-tech pop outfit ever acquired a record deal, what were Pasha Records thinking? There was probably a good reason why I ignored this album for all these years. This album would rank as one of the not-so-good examples of the hi-tech sub-genre from the mid 80’s era. Avoid.


Desperate Surrender

Isle Of Man Desperate Surrender 1986

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