Billy Squier - Don'T Say No

Billy Squier – Don’t Say No

85 / 100

‘Don’t Say No’ was Billy Squier’s sophomore effort, following his promising debut ‘Tale Of The Tape’ from 1980. Don’t Say No’ as a piece of music still holds its head up high today, many years on.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Billy Squier
ALBUM: Don’t Say No
LABEL: Capitol
SERIAL: ST-12146
YEAR: 1981
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Billy Squier – vocals, guitars * Cary Sharaf – guitars * Alan St Jon – keyboards, synthesizers, vocals * Mark Clarke – bass, vocals * Bobby Chouinard – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 In The Dark * 02 The Stroke * 03 My Kinda Lover * 04 You Know What I Like * 05 Too Daze Gone * 06 Lonely Is The Night * 07 Whaddya Want From Me * 08 Nobody Knows * 09 I Need You * 10 Don’t Say No



‘Don’t Say No’ was Billy Squier’s sophomore effort, following his promising debut ‘Tale Of The Tape’ from 1980. Prior to that, his claim to fame was with Boston based 70’s outfit Piper. He continued playing his heavy AOR style (some would call it pop metal) mixed in with some rock swagger (a la Aerosmith).

At the time, this album was all the rage on radio throughout the US. Billy’s style going down a treat, topped off by a couple of classic tracks. The trademark heavy backbeat provided by drummer Bobby Chouinard was to be a catalyst for Squier’s music through this busy phase of his career. Joining him this time around were keyboardist Alan St Jon (who would hang around for a few more years) plus Swedish guitarist Cary Sharaf (Under Fire).

The Songs

The brash opening that is ‘In The Dark’ combines delicate keyboard sequences underneath some crashing guitars and equally effective drums. Who can forget the US Top 20 hit ‘The Stroke’ and that huge drum sound. This one reached #17 during Aug’ 81.

There’s much to be said about the pairing of ‘My Kinda Lover’ and ‘You Know What I Like’, both superb tracks, containing catchy choruses and extreme ‘sing-a-long’ value. ‘Lonely Is The Night’ cashes in on Led Zeppelin. Bonham like drums and a Plant-esque vocal delivery makes this impossible to disguise.

‘Whadda Want From Me’ features some slamdunk snare-drums and some slide guitar antics that would make fellow Bostonian Joe Perry proud. The ballad ‘Nobody Knows’ is a bit aimless, while the title track ‘Don’t Say No’ is a solid workout, and a great way to finish up.

In Summary

This album kicked off some serious success for Billy. It also introduced to the USA a band called Def Leppard, who Billy used as his support act during this time. All of Billy’s albums during the early 80’s era are worth having.

‘Don’t Say No’ as a piece of music still holds its head up high today, many years on, talking of which – the album received a special 30th Anniversary reissue during 2010 thanks to Shout Entertainment. A significant achievement for melodic rock at the time, but remembering we were in the heyday of the glory days period with Journey, REO Speedwagon, and Foreigner all at the peak of their powers.


In The Dark

Billy Squier - In The Dark

The Stroke
Billy Squier - The Stroke

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