Trevor Rabin - Face To Face

Trevor Rabin – Face To Face

85 / 100

‘Face To Face’ was Trevor Rabin’s second solo album and once again he played everything bar the proverbial kitchen sink – incidentally this is alluded to on the front cover.

Written by: RichardB

ARTIST: Trevor Rabin
ALBUM: Face To Face
LABEL: Chrysalis
YEAR: 1979
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: South Africa, England

LINEUP: Trevor Rabin – lead vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards * Kevin Kruger, Dave Mattacks – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 I’ll Take The Weight * 02 Don’t You Ever Lose * 03 I’m Old Enough (To Make You A Woman) * 04 The Wanderer * 05 You * 06 Now * 07 The Ripper * 08 Candy’s Bar * 09 Always The Last One



Given the paucity of decent terrestrial TV available over the Christmas period and in order to retain my sanity (any parent of young children will understand!) I have resorted to dusting down my old vinyl collection for entertainment on these long winter evenings. ‘Face To Face’ was Trevor Rabin’s second solo album and once again he played everything bar the proverbial kitchen sink – incidentally this is alluded to on the front cover.

However, this isn’t a case of ‘Jack of all trades master of none’ because ‘Face to Face’ allows Trevor Rabin plenty of opportunities to demonstrate his abilities. Therefore as far as I’m concerned this album delivers exactly what it says on the tin.

The Songs

‘I’ll Take The Weight’ is a fine mid-paced opener with a solid drumbeat and some great sledgehammer power chords. Whilst musically excellent, it features some questionable lyrics. Here Mr Rabin proffers himself as the solution to his lady friend’s run of ‘bad luck’, for example ‘I’ve heard you pay high taxes, though don’t really make that much’. ‘Don’t You Ever Lose’, despite the lyrical ineptitude (e.g. ‘she makes me tingle, I like to rearrange’ is majestic melodic hard rock, grinding Hammond organ and a ripping guitar solo.

‘I’m Old Enough To Make You A Woman’ despite the hackneyed song title is a pleasant more restrained affair with a soaring chorus and some nice symphonic guitar touches. ‘The Wanderer’ is a solid, by the numbers hard rock piece whereas side one closer ‘You’ is, if I’m a being honest, a rather dull ballad that was obviously aimed at hit single territory.

Fortunately ‘Side Two’ opener ‘Now’ raises the adrenalin levels and is a rousing melodramatic affair with yet more sledgehammer guitar work. ‘The Ripper’ opens with, stabbing piano keys and if I’m not mistaken is about none other than Jack the Ripper, though once again Trevor’s lyrics pose more questions than answers.

‘Candy’s Bar’ is a pleasant affair, though again is let down somewhat in the lyric department. Whilst I can imagine the eponymous drinking establishment in the sunnier climes of LA for instance, I struggle to visualise this is a watering hole in Yorkshire (or any part of the UK for that matter). Fortunately redemption is provided by album closer ‘Always The Last One’ which showcases some overblown guitar from Mr Rabin which will surely have the listener scrambling for their air guitar.

In Summary

At the risk of being permanently banished from the writing staff, I’d say our editor was unduly critical of ‘Face To Face’ when he described the material as weak – and whilst this album is obviously less of a band affair than ‘Wolf’ there’s plenty of rousing material to keep the excitement levels high, if you are prepared to forgive the shortcomings in the lyric department.

On a final note, if anyone can forward to me a copy of the lyrics to this album it would be greatly appreciated as this will surely prevent me tearing out what little hair I have left in frustration. It would seem I’m not alone in being unable to fathom the lyrics on this album, if various postings on the internet are anything to go by.

Trevor Rabin on Video

I’ll Take The Weight

Trevor Rabin- "I'll Take The Weight"

Don’t You Ever Lose
Trevor Rabin- "Don't You Ever Lose"

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