Point Blank - Second Season

Point Blank – Second Season

88 / 100

The first two albums from noted Texan boogie band Point Blank were probably their most southern sounding efforts across all of their recorded output.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Point Blank
ALBUM: Second Season
LABEL: Arista
YEAR: 1977
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: John O’Daniel – vocals * Rusty Burns – guitars, backing vocals * Kim Davis – guitar, backing vocals * Phillip Petty – bass * Peter Gruen – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Part Time Lover * 02 Back In The Alley * 03 Rock And Roll Hideaway * 04 Stars And Scars * 05 Beautiful Loser * 06 Uncle Ned * 07 Tattooed Lady * 08 Nasty Notions * 09 Waiting For A Change


The first two albums from noted Texan boogie band Point Blank were probably their most southern sounding efforts across all of their recorded output. Because we had a solid relationship with the band a few years back, I think it would be good to complete their discography, considering our love affair with all things Point Blank.

From the Dallas suburb of Irving, Point Blank’s association with fellow Texans ZZ Top (and therein their manager Bill Ham, manager for both bands) should not go unnoticed. Both were initially cut from the same cloth, before going in slightly different directions by the time the 80’s rolled around. But back in the mid 70’s, Texan boogie (as we know it now) was all the rage.

The Songs

The kick-off tune ‘Part Time Lover’ is true blues in the great tradition of the genre. The lead guitar sounds as if it was plucked out on an acoustic. ‘Back In The Alley’ has the electrics turned on for this slow-burn boogie. Fans of Johnny Winter or John Nitzinger will appreciate this.

‘Rock And Roll Hideaway’ is a bit more basic with equal emphasis on mouth harp. On the other hand, ‘Stars And Scars’ drops the boogie in favour of acoustic southern rock, in the vein of The Outlaws. ‘Beautiful Loser’ is another which drops the boogie of southern flavours.

‘Uncle Ned’ sees Point Blank turn the ‘nasty’ on once again, a steamy boogie excursion. So too the cranky ‘Tattooed Lady’ which is full of attitude and adrenalin. Point Blank continue right to the finish line, ‘Nasty Notions’ with its strutting standard 4 bar blues framework coupled with the closing ‘Waiting For A Change’ which is an airy angelic ballad with a boat load of flangers going on.

In Summary

In recent years, the band has lost some of these blokes who have left the mortal coil. The legacy of their music and their live performances live on indefinitely. ‘Second Season’, as well as the 1976 debut have both received reissues from High Vaultage and Wounded Bird, though I’m unsure whether this received a Japanese reissue by MCA during 1993, which was afforded to the debut only it would seem. I’m pretty certain the Point Blank albums are long out of print, so a complete reissue by Rock Candy with a proper remastering job would not go amiss.

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