Pat Travers - Makin' Magic

Pat Travers – Makin’ Magic

91 / 100

Pat Travers was probably not as huge sounding as fellow Canucks Mahogany Rush, but still, with enough power in the batteries to deliver a huge wallop in a live capacity, having an LP like ‘Makin Magic’ in the can went some way to support that theory.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Pat Travers
ALBUM: Makin’ Magic
LABEL: Polydor
SERIAL: PD-1-6103
YEAR: 1977
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Pat Travers – lead vocals, guitar * Pete ‘Mars’ Cowling – bass * Nicko McBrain – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Makin’ Magic * 02 Rock ‘n’ Roll Suzie * 03 You Don’t Love Me * 04 Stevie * 05 Statesboro Blues * 06 Need Love * 07 Hooked On Music * 08 What You Mean To Me



We’re going to do a run on a few Pat Travers albums which haven’t been covered up till now. I’ll admit, ‘Makin’ Magic’ has been an LP which was part of my vinyl collection since the very early days. I did recall seeing a British live gig of his from either 1976 or 1977. It may have been the Old Grey Whistle Test, but I can’t quite remember.

Pat Travers was actually living in Britain at the time, so it made good sense for him to drum up interest over there, before his eventual assault on the arena circuit in the USA a few years later. Ostensibly, Pat Travers Band were still the classic power trio during this time, with a huge blues/hard rock angle. Future Trust and Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain would appear for this album and tour.

Probably not as huge sounding as fellow Canucks Mahogany Rush led by guitar-legend Frank Marino, but still, with enough power in the batteries to deliver a huge wallop in a live capacity. Having an LP like ‘Makin Magic’ in the can went some way to support that theory.

The Songs

Leading off the title-track, ‘Makin’ Magic’ is one of the essential tracks of Pat Travers entire catalogue. The wah’s on the guitar solo and the overall arrangement still sounds fantastic years later. ‘Rock N Roll Suzie’ is Pat’s very own soundalike of the great Foghat, the similarity borders on spooky.

‘Stevie’ has been a well hewn track over the years. It’s very different for Pat, full of slower tempo passages, and keyboards. There’s no real hint of blues rock here, just a spacey atmospheric number with a progressive edge. ‘You Don’t Love Me’ returns to that Foghat boogie, and then’s ‘Statesboro Blues’ which could be anything from ZZ Top, Johnny Winter and the aforementioned Foghat.

There’s a whole bunch of jungle like sounds preceding ‘Need Love’, though there are no monkeys to be found in the mix! ‘Hooked On Music’ has a raw element to it, and a jam like solo at the end which makes it a great candidate as a live track. Things wind down in a subdued manner with the restrained ‘What You Mean To Me’, an instrumental with a hint of early Thin Lizzy in its make-up.

In Summary

As mentioned, one of my favourite albums from the Pat Travers Band back-catalogue. Pat would also release ‘Puttin’ It Straight’ in the same calendar year featuring the same trio (as above). From this point onward, Travers would turn his attention to North America, with Polydor covering both sides of the Atlantic for his subsequent releases.

Joining the band after this was former Automatic Man guitarist Pat Thrall and Black Oak Arkansas drummer Tommy Aldridge, both big names then, as well as into the future. The early Pat Travers LP’s spent years in the CD reissue wlderness. However, in early 2015, Polydor issued a 3 CD boxset called ‘Feelin’ Right’ click here.., though the 1980 LP ‘Crash And Burn’ was not included.

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