Blue Mountain Eagle - Blue Mountain Eagle

Blue Mountain Eagle – Blue Mountain Eagle


Formed from the ashes of Buffalo Springfield, Blue Mountain Eagle delivered this impressive one-off acid-drenched hard rock album, believe it or not, they recorded it in just one take!

Written by: Eric

ARTIST: Blue Mountain Eagle
ALBUM: Blue Mountain Eagle
SERIAL: SD 33 324
YEAR: 1970
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: David Price – guitars, vocals * Randy Fuller – bass, vocals * Bob ‘B.J.’ Jones – lead guitar, vocals * Joey Newman – lead guitar, vocals * Don Poncher – drums, vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Love Is Here * 02 Yellow’s Dream * 03 Feel Like A Bandit * 04 Troubles * 05 Loveless Lives * 06 No Regrets * 07 Winding Your String * 08 Sweet Mama * 09 Promises Of Love * 10 Trivial Sum


It’s amazing how many great records from the late 1960’s and early 70’s came and went with little fanfare, Blue Mountain Eagle’s lone album is a case in point. Originally these guys were part of a Buffalo Springfield offshoot before Stephen Stills and that over rated/over the hill pompous ass Neil Young sued the band for using the name New Buffalo Springfield’.

A few line-up changes and mingling with some pretty influential people including David Geffen, Blue Mountain Eagle were personally signed by Ahmet Ertegun to Atlantic (Atco) and recorded this record in just one take.

The Songs

That’s right, one session and Blue Mountain Eagle delivered one of the most impressive acid-drenched hard rock albums I’ve had the pleasure to hear. Yeah, some of you might find this dated and a little derivative, but there’s a quality to the songs and musicianship that’s not commonly found in records of this type.

Let’s face it, some of the stuff from this period gets pretty sloppy for obvious reasons (booze, drugs etc…). But these guys had their shit together and from the opening power-surge of ‘Love Is Here’ to the day-glo mindfuck of ‘Yellow’s Dream’ and the fuzz guitar stunner ‘Winding Your String’.

This is music brimming with ideas, borrowing from Spirit, Grand Funk Railroad, Rare Earth and a host of bands that were cutting edge of the day while sounding like none of ’em.

In Summary

Blue Mountain Eagle toured a lot, opening for all the heavy-hitters Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Santana, Flying Burrito Brothers, Love and on and on. It’s too bad they just lasted for one album as they could have been huge.

Thanks to Fallout Records, Blue Mountain Eagle is available on CD and sounding fantastic, even including the Stephen Stills penned single ‘Marianne’ which according to the band was completely out of character, but I think it’s swell. Buy or die.

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