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Alpha Centauri: Here’s a band best remembered by that one line quote from the International Encyclopedia Of Hard Rock And Heavy Metal: The worlds best undiscovered pomp band.)

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Alpha Centauri
ALBUM: Alpha Centauri
LABEL: Salt Audio Devices
YEAR: 1977
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Jess Redmon – guitars * Randy Thompson – vocals, keyboards * Garth Hannum – bass * Kurt Smith – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Hard Life * 02 One Night At A Time * 03 I’m A Rebel * 04 Earth In Motion * 05 Love Is A Curse * 06 You Shot Me Down * 07 Love Only You * 08 Make It At Rock ‘n’ Roll



Here’s a band best remembered by that one line quote from the International Encyclopedia Of Hard Rock And Heavy Metal. The worlds best undiscovered pomp band.) And since then, Alpha Centauri has appeared on everyone’s wants list as the ultimate album to obtain. Was the hype worth it? IMHO, yes.

This album has a number of positives. Originally from Colorado, the band travelled extensively throughout the Pacific Northwest of the USA, before settling in Winnipeg Canada to release their debut album. Alpha Centauri’s music was hard rock with lots of keyboard and piano embellishments from Randy Thompson, and excess guitar power from Redmon.

You will also need to bear in mind that this is late 70’s hard rock, and as such, bound by the constraints of the era. If there are any modern day buffs trying to make comparisons to the high-tech achievements of todays AOR artists, then you’ll be comparing chalk to cheese.

The Songs

Perhaps the only bands that I know who would veer into Alpha Centauri’s orbit would be fellow Canadians Zon, Cinema Face and Avalon. The arrangements are technical, with similarities to style and sound. Only eight tracks abound, ranging from the hard rock intro of ‘Hard Life’ to the soaring keyboard masterpiece that is ‘Love Is A Curse’.

Elsewhere, the synths are on overdrive alert on ‘Earth In Motion’, while ‘You Shot Me Down’ is an organ filled western drama, with southern style guitar. ‘Love Only You’ has elements of Roadmaster circa ‘Hey World’ contained within the song structure. ‘Make It At Rock N Roll’ sees Randy Thompson emulate Jon Lord’s keyboard wizardry, and the song could very well be a Deep Purple work out.

In Summary

Talking of Deep Purple, the band dedicate the album to the late Tommy Bolin who died the year before. Thankfully, the Alpha Centauri album has become easier to track down now, and is available on Pacemaker Records in Canada, and in 2018 on Rock Candy.

As for the guys in the band, they are still around, though doing 9-5 and still involved socially at least, within music. Redmon, Thompson and Smith all still live in Colorado while Hannum has moved to Oklahoma and then onto Texas. However, there may yet be some life breathed into the Alpha Centauri bubble once again. Lets wait and see.


Love Is A Curse

Alpha Centauri - Love Is A Curse (1977)

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