Westfauster - In A Kings Dream

Westfauster – In A King’s Dream

87 / 100

This one-off LP is as rare as hens teeth, but Cincinatti’s Westfauster could easily be described as an Ameriprog classic.

Written by: Eric

ARTIST: Westfauster
ALBUM: In A Kings Dream
LABEL: Nasco
SERIAL: Nasco 9008
YEAR: 1971
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: C.W. Fauster – vocals, piano, harpsichord, bass, moog synthesizer * Stephen Helwig – vocal harmonies, percussion * Michael Newland – flute, alto saxophone, vibes

TRACK LISTING: 01 Where Are You * 02 Everyday * 03 Blind Man * 04 Blind Man’s Epitaph * 05 In A King’s Dream * 06 A Sunny Day * 07 Low Sun * 08 Did It Or Didn’t It (Take Us High)


Here’s a progressive rock album you won’t find on supposedly authoritative web sites that cater to all things ‘prog’. You know the ones with an army of reviewers, Eurocentric and PC motivated band listings drowning in mediocre content. As usual in an effort to widen the Glory Daze scope beyond the obvious, we’ll make a conscious effort to cover the more obscure bands not found elsewhere on the typical progressive web sites beginning with the album at hand.

The brainchild of one C.W. Fauster, Westfauster called the Midwest metropolis of Cincinnati, Ohio home. They were signed to the highly collectable Nasco label who’s stable of stars included Alabama’s Felt and another fabulous ‘Queen City’ prog band: Whalefeathers who got around to releasing two stellar albums on the imprint. Sadly, Westfauster were not as lucky with just one record to their name ‘In A King’s Dream’ but trust me when I tell you its one of the best Ameriprog albums you’ll ever hear.

The Songs

The early progressive sounds of The Moody Blues, Cressida and The Beatles later albums are easy to pick out here although Westfauster didn’t wrap their music in the Union Jack entirely. Jazz and psychedelic touches drift in and out of ‘In A King’s Dream’ and the vocals of C.W. Fauster are reminiscent of Dennis DeYoung at times albeit with less bravado.

On background vocals Stephen Helwig blends beautifully with Fauster, while flautist Michael Newland soars over the intricate and well thought-out instrumental work giving the album a very light and airy feel. ‘Where Are You’, ‘Blind Man’ and the title track are simply superb with pride of place going to the wonderful magical mystery calliope ride of ‘Sunny Day’ and ‘Low Sun’ which are ever so Beatley and nothing short of magnificent.

In Summary

I had a tape of this album for years which I wore out with no hope of ever hearing again as the original vinyl was so hard to find and expensive. Thanks to Akarma Records ‘In A King’s Dream’ is readily available on CD and priced to please, naturally receiving my highest recommendation.

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