Uriah Heep - Sweet Freedom

Uriah Heep – Sweet Freedom

81 / 100

‘Sweet Freedom’ would be the first of the Uriah Heep albums to show a commercial angle, which they would pursue even more on their next albums.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Uriah Heep
ALBUM: Sweet Freedom
LABEL: Bronze
YEAR: 1973
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List


LINEUP: David Byron – lead vocals * Mick Box – guitars * Ken Hensley – keyboards, organ, guitar, backing vocals * Gary Thain – bass * Lee Kerslake – drums, percussion, backing vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Dreamer * 02 Stealin’ * 03 One Day * 04 Sweet Freedom * 05 If I Had The Time * 06 Seven Stars * 07 Circus * 08 Pilgrim * 09 Sunshine



This band and their early discography were part of my rock ‘diet’ back in the early 70’s. Our household contained all their albums, and I soaked them up like a sponge.

During 1973, Heep released two albums; the ‘Double Live’ extravaganza which was released in April/May 1973, and this studio LP ‘Sweet Freedom’ which followed in September of that year. ‘Sweet Freedom’ would be the first of their albums to show a commercial angle, which they would pursue even more on their next albums.

With songs like the popular and cheeky ‘Stealin’ and the uptempo but melodic ‘Seven Stars’, the seed was sown. Heep would return with 1974’s ‘Wonderworld’, but by then, Uriah Heep were having internal issues and things would soon go south for the band.

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