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In retrospect, Tycoon was a pretty decent band for its time, and this album in particular should’ve been reviewed years ago had we been switched on.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Tycoon
ALBUM: Tycoon
LABEL: Arista
YEAR: 1978
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Norman Mershon – lead and vocals * Mark Rivera – lead and backing vocals, sax, percussion * Jon Gordon – guitar, syntgs, strings, backing vocals * Mark Kreider – bass, percussion, strings, backing vocals * Michael Fonfara – keyboards, piano, organ, synths, backing vocals * Richard Steinberg – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Such A Woman * 02 Slow Down Boy * 03 Out In The Cold * 04 Don’t You Cry No More * 05 Too Late (New York City) * 06 The Way That It Goes * 07 Don’t Worry * 08 How Long (Can We Go On) * 09 Drunken Sailor * 10 Count On Me



In retrospect, Tycoon was a pretty decent band for its time, and this album in particular should’ve been reviewed years ago had we been switched on. I will admit to seeing this LP in cutout bins during my high school years and strangely enough, it never made it into my collection. What a snob I say.. Lol. So here I am 44 years later writing about it. Sound absurd? Yep.

We’ve covered a bit of back history with Tycoon’s two other albums (click the Tycoon tag below), but for a relatively obscure New York City band signed to a big label such as Arista founded by industry legend Clive Davis in 1974, this was a significant achievement. The band’s two leading songwriters were Norman Mershon and Mark Kreider, but the band overall was talented and tight.

The Songs

The lead off song ‘Such A Woman’ was Tycoon’s moment in the sun, as it became a near top 20 chart hit at the time, topping out at #26. The track contains many of the elements you’d expect to find from an AOR band of this quality during this time frame. ‘Slow Down Boy’ is next up, whuch combines pop laden verses but those choruses are strong with a focus on multiple vocal harmonies.

‘Out In The Cold’ takes a funkier direction though only mildly, think of bands such radio era Santana, while that massive wall of stacked harmony vocals is the star of the show on ‘Don’t You Cry No More’. Stellar vocal work indeed. ‘Too Late’ lifts things to a punchier level, the guitar and keyboard interchange is very noticeable. ‘The Way That It Goes’ heads in a pomp direction and if you’re into bands like Russia and Big Horn etc, then this will easily appeal.

‘Don’t Worry’ with its organ work and harmonizing guitar lines should also find favour, so too ‘How Long’ both leaning to a bluesy melodic rock not dissimilar to British band Crawler. Though the song title ‘Drunken Sailor’ might be a distraction its not too bad while album closer ‘Count On Me’ is a very radio friendly effort which could’ve gone somewhere if released as a second single.

In Summary

The album was backed by some legendary production talent including Mutt Lange in the producers chair, with future production stars Tim Friese-Green and Mike Shipley taking up Engineer roles. As can be expected, the album sounds flawless. Personally, I don’t remember hearing anything from this album on NZ radio back in 1978, hence why it flew under my radar. Well worth investigating.


Such A Woman

Tycoon such a woman 1979 video popclips

Count On Me
Count on Me

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