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The Trapeze debut was a different kettle of fish versus their later U.S styled hard rock. Here we get a sweet dose of pastoral psychedelia.

Written by: Eric

ARTIST: Trapeze
ALBUM: Trapeze
LABEL: Threshold
YEAR: 1970
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Glenn Hughes – bass, six string guitar, piano, trombone, lead vocals * Mel Galley – lead guitar, bass * Dave Holland – drums * Terry Rowley – organ, piano, guitar, flute * John Jones – lead vocals, trumpet

TRACK LISTING: 01 It’s Only A Dream * 02 The Giants Dead Hoorah * 03 Over * 04 Nancy Gray * 05 Fairytale * 06 Verily Verily * 07 Fairytale * 08 It’s My Life * 09 Am I * 10 Suicide * 11 Wings * 12 Another Day * 13 Send Me No More Letters * 14 It’s Only A Dream (reprise)


Trapeze Background

Trapeze are better known for their bluesy hard rock and ties to both Deep Purple and Judas Priest. The Trapeze debut was a different kettle of fish entirely.

The band were formed out a variety of early British rock bands. These included Pinkerton’s Assorted Colours, The Red Caps, Finders Keepers and The Montanas. Trapeze signed to The Moody Blues label Threshold with Moodies bassist John Lodge handling production chores.

Trapeze featured two lead vocalists in John Jones and the mighty Glenn Hughes. Their sound at this point was distinctly English, progressive and a delight for the ears.

The Songs

The wintry ‘It’s Only A Dream’ opens the album on a beautiful and all too short note. It soon kicks into ‘The Giant’s Dead Hoorah’ and a stunning middle 8 where the band sound oh-so close to the Bee Gees.

Indeed, nothing on this record will remind you of the groups later more American influenced hard rock. Instead a sweet confectionery of pastoral psychedelics swirl around your head. Such as the lovely ‘Nancy Gray’ and the Cressida-like ‘Fairytale’.

‘It’s My Life’ which was a big hit for The Animals sounds very much like Cream vocally. But without the heaviness associated with that band.

As with many long players of this period, the best cuts (in my opinion) are saved for last. These include ‘Suicide’, ‘Wings’ and the childlike reprise of ‘It’s Only A Dream’. These stand shoulder to shoulder with anything released on the Deram, Vertigo and Neon labels.

In Summary

Sadly, the sounds and colours of swinging London would fade into the browns and denims of the 1970’s. Trapeze followed suit with Hughes taking control of the band for their follow-up ‘Medusa’.

A hard rock classic in the minds of many. Several albums followed of varying quality. Hughes eventually hooked up with Deep Purple while Dave Holland joined Judas Priest. Meanwhile Mel Galley found a brief home in Whitesnake and then longer term with Phenomena.

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