Tina Arena - Now I Can Dance (Book)

Tina Arena – Now I Can Dance (Book)

82 / 100

Tina Arena is a bit of a heroine in her home country of Australia. A musical icon and celebrity from the age of 8, Tina has had her life played out in front of Australians from a young age.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Tina Arena
BOOK: Now I Can Dance (Book)
PUBLISHER:Q Harper Collins Publishers
SERIAL: ISBN: 9781460700082
YEAR: 2013


Tina Arena is a bit of a heroine in her home country of Australia. A musical icon and celebrity from the age of 8, Tina has had her life played out in front of Australians from a young age. During the 70’s and early 80’s, you could catch Tina (or Tiny Tina as she was known back then) on prime-time Saturday night television as a regular on the show ‘Young Talent Time’.

This book takes us on a journey from the quiet suburbs of Moonee Ponds and Keilor East in Melbourne’s sprawling west, all the way around the world to Los Angeles, London and Paris where Tina assumed residence during the course of her recording career between the 90’s and 2000’s. It’s an interesting look at the people who came into her life. Those who eventually departed and those who stayed and became life long friends.

The Book

Tina Arena’s professional life started off at the grand old age of 8, signed to ‘Young Talent Time’ where she stayed for another 8 years. Completing high school, and moving into young adulthood, we saw Tina front a couple of bands in the mid 80’s (doing her ‘rock chick’ thing), before going solo in 1989, with the success of the 90’s opening up before her like the parting of the Red Sea.

Much like the recent Michael Bolton book ‘The Soul Of It All’ which we reviewed a few weeks back, Tina also had to overcome her fears in relation to the performing arts. Where Bolton had to contend with standing on the same stage as the great Luciano Pavarotti, Arena morphed into areas such as the Stage (acting), and dancing, neither a strong suit when she started but she prevailed and has since become quite accomplished.

From a rock perspective, it was good to read about the ‘Strong As Steel’ and ‘Don’t Ask’ eras, particularly her transition from child star to young adult, and wanting to break away from that childhood image. I’m sure we all know about Miley Cyrus‘s attempt at doing something similar, though Tina’s is nothing by comparison!

We read about Tina’s work with musicians such as fellow Aussie singer/songwriter Rick Price, Canadian producer David Tyson, Dean McTaggart (The Arrows) and Mick Jones of Foreigner, the various songwriters she worked with along the way and other studio hounds of note.

The other change-up career moment for Tina was her foray (accidental or otherwise) into the world of French language pop music. Not able to speak a word of linguistic French at the time, she has since gone on to record numerous French language albums. No doubt her partner Vincent Mancini can take some of the credit. Vince gets a regular mention throughout the second half of the book.

Tina holds her family as the cornerstone of her world; both parents ardent supporters of her work and her career. Two sisters Nancy and Silvana who are as tight as sibling sisters can ever be, plus her aforementioned partner Vince and young son Gabriel (Gab).

In Summary

At the time of writing, Tina had just released her latest 2013 album ‘Reset’, and was in Australia participating in Channel 7’s Telethon event in Perth, plus she is a contestant in Australia’s ‘Dancin’ With The Stars’ where she was doing very well, down to the semi finals with two weeks to go.

This was a book I couldn’t put down once I got into it, and that says it all when it comes to recommending it to others. Released by Harper Collins, you should be able to pick it up relatively easily on the Net.

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