The Producers - Run For Your Life

The Producers – Run For Your Life


The Producers are better known as an early 80’s new wave fused rock band. Soundwise, this album is far more pompier than their previous two efforts.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Producers, The
ALBUM: Run For Your Life
LABEL: Marathon
YEAR: 1985
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Wayne ‘Famous’ McNatt – vocals, keyboards * Van Temple – vocals, guitars * Tim Smith – bass * Bryan Holmes – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Run For Your Life * 02 Slowdancing * 03 Depending On You * 04 Tightrope * 05 Can’t Cry Anymore * 06 Boatsong * 07 Table For One * 08 Friendly Fire * 09 By Mistake * 10 Waiting On A Train


Very much an underrated band, probably classed in the same bracket as The Tubes, The Cars (both circa their early 80’s style) and other quirky AOR acts of that era. Hailing from Atlanta, The Producers released two relatively obscure albums (s/t from 1981 and ‘You Make The Heat’ from 1982) on the major CBS/Portrait label (sounds ironic doesn’t it? obscure, and CBS).

For this particular one they released it on their own Marathon label. On ‘Run For Your Life’ they lost the services of mainstay and bassist Kyle Henderson, leaving the bulk of the singing duties to Famous and Temple. Soundwise, this album is far more pompier than their previous efforts. Comparisons I hear you say? Well they roll off the tongue like a who’s who of AOR, Dakota, Michael Stanley, B.E Taylor Group, Sugarcreek and Fortune.

The Songs

Standout tracks include ‘Depending On You’ with a luscious keyboard theme throughout, ‘Can’t Cry Anymore’ co-written by Van Temple, Tim Smith and Steve Morse, hence it appeared on Kansas‘ ‘Power’ album the following year. This version is great, with full-on analog synths booming through the speakers!

‘Slowdancing’ sounds like it could have fitted quite nicely on B.E Taylors ‘Our World’ album, while ‘Big Mistake’ is archetypal 80’s pomp of the finest sort with a sax solo not unlike something off Michael Stanley‘s albums. The album closer ‘Waiting On A Train’ is Fortune‘s ‘Dearborn Station’ revisited (excuse the pun with the trains).

In Summary

The Producers still hung around for many years following, doing occasional gigs, with Kyle Henderson coming back into the fold in 199.. Well worth getting their albums if you see them, plus there is the 2fer CD from 2000 of the first two albums issued by One Way Records. Thanks to Hans Ruesink for a copy of this album.

Footnote: This album eventually saw an official CD release in 2013, thanks to Yesterrock Records.


Depending On You

The Producers - Depending On You

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