The Order - Rock N Rule

The Order – Rock N Rumble


The Order are on to a winning formula, there’s not much more to add other than what’s been written here and in the ‘1986’ article.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: The Order
ALBUM: Rock N Rumble
LABEL: Massacre
YEAR: 2016
CD INFO: Discogs Info List

LINEUP: Gianni Pontillo – vocals * Bruno Spring – guitar * Andrej Abplanalp – bass * Mauro Tschibu Casciero – drums, percussion

TRACK LISTING:01 Play It Loud * 02 Rock N Rumble * 03 No One Can Take You Away From Me * 04 Fight * 05 Gimme A Yeah * 06 Womanizer * 07 Turn The Pages * 08 Wild One * 09 Reason To Stay * 10 Karma

RATING: 85/100



A few weeks back, I managed to spend some time with Swiss band The Order, and their 2012 album ‘1986’. A big shout-out to Rkbluez for pointing them out to me. Yes, ‘1986’ was a time displacement indeed, as these excellent hard rockers surely are the bastard son of Krokus! That CD was a great little find, and Massacre Records did well to get it out there.

Well blow me down, and 2016 turns up their latest offering.. ‘Rock N Rumble’, and all of us get a ringside seat to this slab of tasty hard rock/metal. It’s more of the same, but I think these guys are going to deck us with a sucker-punch one day if we’re not too careful.

The Songs

Like its predecessor, the cover-art is a throw-back to the 80’s, and sets the scene for ten rabid tracks of Swiss made hard rock. Lead singer Gianni Pontillo orders us to ‘Play It Loud’, and that is a fairly easy request to fulfill. From the first track, it sounds like Gianni is Marc Storace long-lost brother!

The title track ‘Rock’N’Rumble’ isn’t as tough as the song-title implies, but still these guys deliver. ‘No One Can Take You Away From Me’ might appear to be a ballad, but it keeps to the melodic hard rock side of the footpath. Like the recent Sunstorm article, I reckon The Order are in their element when things get heavy. So tracks like ‘Fight’, ‘Gimme A yeah’ and especially the riff-laden ‘Womanizer’ are right up a hard rocker’s alley-way.

For me, the best track is the up-tempo ‘Wild One’, though the 80’s influence on ‘Reason To Stay’ ain’t far behind either. The metronome is thrown out the door for the Victory styled ‘Karma’ while the band do toss in a ballad, ‘Turn The Pages’, where they probably shouldn’t have. The album wasn’t titled ‘Rough N Rumble’ for nothing right?

In Summary

There’s not much more to add other than what’s been written here and in the ‘1986’ article. The Order are on to a winning formula, and while they keep true to their Swiss heritage in the mould of Krokus and Gotthard, they could develop into something special in the future.


Rock N Rumble

Rock 'N' Rumble

Play It Loud
Play It Loud

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