Teaze - Tour Of Japan

Teaze – Tour Of Japan


Teaze are one of Canada’s premier bands of the 70’s, glorious rollicking rock ‘n’ roll, one of the better live albums of 1978.

Written by: gdmonline

ALBUM: Tour Of Japan (Live)
LABEL: Aquarius
YEAR: 1978
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Brian Danter – vocals, bass * Mark Bradac – guitars * Chuck Price – guitars * Mike Kozak – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Rockin’ With The Music * 02 Lady Killer * 03 Come On Hold On * 04 Baby Why Can’t U * 05 On The Loose * 06 Open My Eyes * 07 Tonite it’s Me * 08 Boys Nite Out * 09 Gonna Have A Good Time Tonite * 10 Hot To Trot


In my opinion one of Canada’s premier melodic rock bands of the 70’s. Ahh this brings back memories! Glorious rollicking rock ‘n’ roll played out in a live environment. Still up there as one of the better live albums of the genre. Teaze were an unusual band in that they represented different things to different people.

Image wise they invoked thoughts of Angel and Starz while their music was somewhere in between with a bit of Cheap Trick thrown in. Other people I’ve spoken with have different images, thoughts and opinions. One thing is similar though, and that is Teaze were a very good band and perhaps a bit misunderstood and ahead of their time.

The Songs

‘Tour Of Japan’ was their third album, following on from their self titled and ‘On The Loose’ albums. There are some boomer songs here. The opening song ‘Rockin’ With The Music’ reminds me of early 80’s glam/pop metal band from the UK Silverwing (anyone remember them?). This song gallops along at a frantic pace, as do other tracks like ‘Boys Nite Out’, and ‘Hot To Trot’. Teaze have also released the best ever version of the Vanda/Young chestnut ‘Gonna Have A Good Time Tonite’, better than any Aussie artist can do!

In Summary

Brian Danter’s vocals come off sounding like Paul Stanley, while the twin guitar attack of Bradac and Price is impressive and they harmonise quite well in Thin Lizzy fashion.

‘Tour Of Japan’ is a great reminder of 70’s melodic rock at it’s best. Teaze went on to make two further studio albums, 1979’s fantastic ‘One Night Stands’ and their 1980 epitaph ‘Body Shots’ before calling it a day in 1981. All of Teaze’s discography was released on CD in Canada by the Unidisc label. Snap them up before they disappear.


Live in Japan (approx 18 Mins)

TEAZE: Live in Japan

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2 thoughts on “Teaze – Tour Of Japan

  1. [Smokey] Most underrated metal band of the 70s, in my opinion. These dudes had an awesome twin guitar attack, they could lay down the riffage hot as a band like Priest. It’s my contention that their album from 79, One Night Stands, is in the top 10 of metal albums from the 70s. Yeah, that’s a big call seeing how crowded the field is from that decade. But I’ve listened to that album dozens of times over the years and every song kicks arse, the riffs are continually on metal overload, the energy relentless. I’d put the album alongside Priest’s Stained Class from the same year, they’re both prime examples of what Heavy Metal is all about.

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