Teaze - One Night Stands

Teaze – One Night Stands


‘One Night Stands’ was the first Teaze album to get a domestic release in the USA, a solid album adding to the band’s legacy.

Written by: gdmonline

ALBUM: One Night Stands
LABEL: Aquarius
SERIAL: ST-11919
YEAR: 1979
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Brian Danter – vocals, bass * Mark Bradac – guitars, backing vocals * Chuck Price – guitars, backing vocals * Mike Kozak – drums, percussion

TRACK LISTING: 01 Back In Action * 02 Young And Reckless * 03 Heartless World * 04 Boys Night Out * 05 Through The Years * 06 Reach Out * 07 Stay Here * 08 Red Hot Ready * 09 Touch The Wind


Canadian band Teaze have always intrigued many with their 70’s hard rock sound. Caught somewhere between Cheap Trick and Starz, these pop bound hard rockers should’ve been huge back in the day, as they had all the tricks of the trade and a multi-cast sound that spanned genres like a bridge.

If the knowledge of Japanese fans was anything to go by, and their appreciation of Teaze was huge by the way, then it astounds me that Teaze didn’t quite get to grips with the fickle American Market. In fact, ‘One Night Stands’ was an attempt by Canadian label Aquarius to break Teaze into the US, unfortunately the ruse didn’t quite pay off. History being what it is, Teaze still managed to grace us with some spectacular songs which only the die-hard fans have been singing the praises of for years.

The Songs

The album was produced by April Wine‘s Myles Goodwyn, and while a solid album, many still hold their previous three releases as slightly superior, though for me I’ll take all of their discography any day.

The band still have the knack of writing witty and profoundly hardened pop rock with a bit of steel. Check out their up-tempo moments on ‘Back In Action’, ‘Reach Out’ and ‘Red Hot Ready’. The album’s piece de resistance is the classic ‘Boys Night Out’, which we heard previously on ‘Tour Of Japan’. Many fans also enjoyed the power ballad ‘Heartless World’, with the soaring and OTT vocals from Brian Danter.

They also do another acoustic/electric ballad in the form of ‘Stay Here’, with shades of Boston in the mix. Elsewhere, the band gallop along with ‘Through The Years’ but end the album with the rather unusual ‘Touch The Wind’, sounding like one of those early 80’s heavy metal efforts from any number of contenders. The twin guitars of Price and Bradac are very noticeable.

In Summary

‘One Night Stands’ was the first Teaze album to get a domestic release in the USA, but it appears the band did not undertake to release a single from the album, which was basically a death sentence during the era of radio promotion and regional marketing. These days of course, things are much different.

The band would go on to release one more studio album ‘Body Shots’ in 1980, but called it quits not long after. Decades after its initial release, Teaze fans get a special treat as ‘One Night Stands’ gets the reissue treatment from Rock Candy Records, and will appear on CD with an extra bonus track during September 2009.

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8 thoughts on “Teaze – One Night Stands

  1. [ReynoRoxx] Of all the luck….these guys were over the moon at having secured a spot on that classic rock festival in Belgium being held in August that New England were also doing, only to more than likely be prevented from appearing due to the pandemic.

  2. [TheMurf] There’s a great video of Teaze’s “Heartless World” from the Icelandic movie “Metalhead” on Youtube as well as there is a new remake of the song by a band called “Unleash The Archers”.

  3. [bpdp3] From our recent podcast thread, I just listened to Martin popoff’s ‘history in 5 songs’ episode that featured Angel, Starz, Rex and Teaze.

    He’s dismissive of this album compared to its predecessors… likewise Starz’ ‘attention shoppers’ and Angels ‘sinful’.

    Regardless of whether you agree or not, it’s still nice to hear this music discussed — not that common!!

  4. [Nick C] That’s a good point it is nice seeing it discussed. Personally as per the review I’d take any of the Teaze albums, I think sometimes the more you listen to any album the more it grows on you unless it’s an absolute stinker hahaha!
    Attention Shoppers although viewed as the weaker of the main four in the Starz canon I rate just as highly as their others – who can resist the pop rock of She, Anyway That You Want It, Don’t Think, Hold On to the Night. Plus one of the best drinking songs ever (along with Aerosmith’s Full Circle) in Good Ale We Seek, having said that I suppose Tankard have a few songs in that vein – I haven’t really heard much of their stuff. Maybe we should start a “best drinking songs” thread.
    With Angel – I think it was obvious as their albums progressed the poppier direction they were heading in with maybe only Bad Time on Sinful being on par with what went before with its harder rock edge, but it’s still a hugely enjoyable album, couldn’t part with it – although I have to say it does get a little twee in parts. I can pick a fave Angel album but I’d be hard pushed to pick a fave Starz album as I would with Teaze.

  5. [ReynoRoxx] The first Starz album is a clear favourite of mine, with the ‘Live In Louisville’ promo album coming in before the rest of the catalogue. I would agree that while ‘Attention Shoppers’ is the weakest of their output production-wise, there are some great songs on there that stand up well.

  6. [Nick C] I remember picking up that Starz Louisville promo at a record fair in Manchester years and years ago (in fact it will have been 85/86 – still have it) – I was so excited to have found it that when I bumped into two aunties of mine in Piccadilly Gardens I started going on about it to them until one of them eventually piped up “I was speaking to your mum I hear you are getting married”, I was like oh yeah I suppose I am – I guess THAT was big news for them that day.

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