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Alabama based Couchois origins came from 70’s pop outfit Ratchell, but these guys are soft commercial rock with an AOR tinge.

Couchois - Nasty Hardware

Couchois – Nasty Hardware 4 (1)

Couchois remind us of what an amazing time it was to be an AOR fan, with such classics as this…

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Couchois - Couchois

Couchois – Couchois 4 (1)

Late 70’s soft rock never sounded so good with these guys, Couchois (pronunced Ku-Shwa) were an Alabama based band blessed…

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Ratchell - Ratchell

Ratchell – Ratchell 0 (0)

Some of you AOR fans will remember late 70s outfit Couchois, this band Ratchell was their precursor, delivering early 70’s…

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