Spring - Spring

Spring – Spring


Spring deliver a pastoral but orchestrated set of songs, the odd flute line, strings, stylish all round, but not hard hitting.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Spring
ALBUM: Spring
YEAR: 1971
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Pat Moran – vocals, mellotron * Ray Martinez – guitars, mellotron * Kips Brown – piano, organ, mellotron * Adrian Maloney – bass * Pick Withers – drums, glockenspiel

TRACK LISTING: 01 The Prisoner (Eight By Ten) * 02 Grail * 03 Boats * 04 Shipwrecked Soldier * 05 Golden Fleece * 06 Inside Out * 07 Song To Absent Friends (The Island) * 08 Gazing * 09 Fool’s Gold * 10 Hendre Mews * 11 A Word Full Of Whispers


This British band have been mentioned numerous times on this website over the years. They are from England, they are a progressive rock band, and usually have been compared to their contemporaries such as Indian Summer and Cressida from the same era.

In fact, Indian Summer are a good example comparison wise, because both that band and Spring were signed to the same label at the same time. The label in question: RCA-Neon. We’ve just reviewed that ‘Indian Summer’ LP a few weeks back, so it seemed like a good idea to finish off this progressive pairing.

Firstly, what can I say about the record cover? Very strange indeed. The gatefold sleeve would indicate it’s a three-part photo of a fast-flowing river (Spring?), plus the water looks rather turgid than clean. The band are sitting across the river beside a tree, and what is that red thing sitting in the main photo? A flag perhaps. I dunno (actually, it’s a dead soldier!).

The Songs

Musically, Spring are delivering a pastoral but orchestrated selection of songs. There’s the odd flute line, strings hovering in the background. It’s quite stylish all round, but it won’t knock you out with hard hitting precision. Spring seem to meander in their musical posterings, dream like and ethereal in places.

Compared to the two aforementioned bands, this lot are at the less rockin’ end of the spectrum. It’s sits somewhere in between prog, orchestrated pop and folk. The vocals of Pat Moran are superb, while the band boasted three mellotron players.

In Summary

Of further note, drummer Pick Withers would later join Dire Straits, and would play on their first four studio albums.

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