Sorcery - 2

Sorcery – 2


The second studio album from L.A band Sorcery was a long time in the making, nearly twenty years from start to finish.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Sorcery
ALBUM: Sorcery 2
LABEL: Old Metal Records
YEAR: 2000

LINEUP: Richard Taylor – guitar * Perry Morris – drums * Richie King – bass * David Glen Eisley – vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Born To Rock * 02 Ain’t No Turning Back * 03 Shake Me Up * 04 Livin’ On The Run * 05 Pride And The Glory * 06 Light At The End Of The Tunnel * 07 Believe In Tomorrow * 08 Last To Know * 09 No Good * 10 Angel In The Moon

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Sorcery Background

The theatrical rock band from Los Angeles called Sorcery have appeared on GDM previously due to the review of their first album ‘Stunt Rock’. Click Sorcery tag below.

The timeline and output from Sorcery beyond this 1978 album is a confusing one upon deeper inspection. Suffice to say that significantly more research is required to understand it all. More than what I’m willing to undertake. The two websites associated on the Web don’t really improve upon our scant knowledge.

However, as far as the timeline is concerned, this second album was apparently recorded in 1982 but not officially released. From what I read on Discogs, it was to eventually see the light of day in 1987 but that never happened.

Singer David Glen Eisley was involved with Giuffria during this era so I am guessing he was involved with Sorcery much earlier than 1987. My records say he joined the band in 1980.

The Songs

The early 80’s was very a fertile breeding ground for rock music scene in Los Angeles. It hadn’t really taken off big time during 1980-1982, still very much in its infancy.

The burgeoning stars like Motley Crue, Quiet Riot and Metallica were on the cusp, and a couple of them were releasing music on independent labels. However, the big time was looming on the horizon. Meanwhile, second tier bands were racking up business at the club level and by word of mouth. Sorcery was one of these acts.

The material on ‘2’ was more straightforward than the stuff on ‘Stunt Rock’. With the addition of Eisley on vocals, the push into the mainstream was positioned nicely, but it never quite came off unfortunately.

A shame really as some of the tracks are happening, such as the brutal opener ‘Born To Rock’ (video below), an album highlight.

There’s a strong organ presence on ‘Ain’t No Turning Back’ but it’s the hefty pipes of Eisley which are stronger. ‘Shake Me Up’ is an entertaining listen, sort of like Giuffria without keyboards. A shocking statement I know. Lol.

‘Livin’ On The Run’ is a straight ahead rocker with a strange shrieking backing vocal spoiling the party. ‘Pride And The Glory’ with its acoustic parts tries to be the epic rocker on the album but didn’t quite get there.

‘Light At The End Of The Tunnel’ is an attempt at rocking hard. There’s some good riffing from Richard Taylor plus a boatload of keyboards helps fill in the spaces. Unfortunately the drum work is plain awful.

‘Believe In Tomorrow’ is the sole ballad on the album, not a great start but it did get better as it went along. Eisley and Taylor helped save any unnecessary blushes.

‘Last To Know’ I could take or leave it, slightly better is ‘No Good’ where everything seems to gel together nicely. The finale ‘Angel In The Moon’ is powerful though the arrangement is rather stop/start and staggered. The guitar/organ solo interplay was kinda good though.

In Summary

Apparently, the material on the album was cobbled together from various medium over the years. If there were defects, I couldn’t really detect them.

Both Sorcery albums were released in 2000. Copies might exist on CD but years later they might now be a super rare commodity. Maybe one day, someone in the Sorcery camp might be able to give us a complete discographic history of this very interesting band.

Sorcery on Video

Born To Rock
[lyte id=’Qw50j9o9nP8

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