Silvernite - Silvernite

Silvernite – Silvernite


This female fronted outfit Silvernite are based in Greece straddle the fence of synthwave, pop rock and AOR, so their inclusion here at Glory Daze is all but guaranteed.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Silvernite
ALBUM: Silvernite
LABEL: Valve Studio Records
YEAR: 2021

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Flag Greece Flag Finland

LINEUP: Tanja Harkonen – vocals * Strutter – synths, programming, bass, backing vocals * Nash G. – guitars * Minas Chatziminas – drums

Additional Musicians: Dean Mess, Jimmy Tott – backing vocals * Artem Zhulyev – saxophone * Ashton Layne – voice over

TRACK LISTING: 01 Ti Hypermaho (Anthem) * 02 Silvernite * 03 Raise Your Hands * 04 Desperate Dreams * 05 True Survivor * 06 Angel Of The City * 07 Danger Zone * 08 Honestly * 09 Broken Heart * 10 Iron Eagle * 11 Ti Hypermaho (The Hymn)

RATING: Score of 90%

WEBLINKS: Site Link | FB Page


Gotta love the artwork huh? Straight out of the comic book covers of Kiss and obscure 70’s band Furr and maybe also Starmen, this Greek/Finnish combo certainly have good taste.

First mentioned on Glory Daze back in 2019, this female fronted outfit Silvernite are based in Greece and straddle the fence of synthwave, pop rock and AOR, so their inclusion here is all but guaranteed. The synth overload is assured, and if there is a band that can hold suitcases of multiple genres in both hands – it’s Silvernite.

Silvernite Band pic 2021

The Songs

The prevailing style here is 80’s themed pop rock with heavy synthwave influences. The album is kept organic thanks to lashings of electric guitar and the voice of Finnish vocalist Tanja Harkonen. I’m loving tracks such as the title track ‘Silvernite’. Tell me those synth stabs aren’t GDM approved. Glorious stuff. The anthem ‘True Survivor’ also stands out as does the synthwave oriented ‘Angel Of The City’ with its synth bass and saxophone intrusions a feature.

‘Danger Zone’ is a guitar riff dominated track, though synth patterns run riot throughout. ‘Honestly’ keeps things bright and shiny, while ‘Broken Heart’ could be described as Alyson Avenue lite whereas ‘Iron Eagle’ (not the King Kobra track) again stays true to the synthwave style.

In Summary

If you’re into bands like Houston (albeit imagining they had a female singer) and Fire Tiger, then this is something worth listening to. The immense helpings of melodic synth work will assist those suffering from a sugar overload without reaching for the insulin. This will be in my playlist during March as it should be in yours.




Danger Zone
Silvernite - Danger Zone

Iron Eagle
Iron Eagle

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