Shooting Star - Silent Scream

Shooting Star – Silent Scream


Wrapped in a pure AOR production thanks to Ron Nevison, this album is the pick of the bunch from Shooting Star.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Shooting Star
ALBUM: Silent Scream
LABEL: Geffen
YEAR: 1985
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Gary West – vocals, keyboards * Van McClain – vocals, guitars * Charles Waltz – violin, keyboards * Norman Dahlor – bass * Steve Thomas – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Summer Sun * 02 Somewhere In Your Heart * 03 Heat Of The Night * 04 When You’re Young * 05 In Her Eyes * 06 I’m Getting Out * 07 Don’t Walk Away * 08 Time * 09 Little By Little * 10 Don’t Stop Me Now * 11 Get Ready Boy * 12 Take It * 13 Get Ready Boy (Reprise)



Episode 5 of the Shooting Star story. Well, if you liked Episodes 1 to 4 then here is the cream of the crop. Well in my humble opinion it is. I followed this band right from day one. The very first day this was released in New Zealand I bought it, and so history began. Perhaps one of the archetypal AOR bands in the history of AOR and still there or thereabouts. Depending on who you talk to (Shooting Star fans that is), this album is either their best one or their worst.

It’s because it takes a more commercial approach, and sounds less heavy handed than their previous albums. The Ron Nevison production job moves this album right alongside Survivor (a la ‘Vital Signs’ and ‘When Seconds Count’), and as far as I’m concerned, awesome! The Kansas comparison is still there, but the major difference between the two bands is that Kansas tend to go off in a progressive direction while Shooting Star don’t.

The Songs

All the songs are worth a mention, but ‘Summer Sun’, ‘Heat Of The Night’ and ‘Don’t Walk Away’ are perhaps the best examples of their stylish sound. ‘Somewhere In Your Heart’ is the archetypal crossover between ballad, symphonic rock and AOR. I don’t think a band has come close to this style ever since. That hard-edged Survivor influence can be heard on tracks like ‘When You’re Young’ or the fabulous ‘Time’.

The album closer ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ rocks like there’s no tomorrow, reminiscent of their earlier stuff. The production is quite spacious, and allows the subtler side of the band to come through, ie: intricate keyboards and Charles Waltz’ violins. All in all, a tremendous album by a band who by this stage, were ready to throw the towel in.

In Summary

For me, along with the debut from 1979, this is the pick of Shooting Star’s albums. Unfortunately it was also the last album to feature Gary West and Charles Waltz. The band went into hiatus for a wee while before Van McLain resurfaced in 1989 with a new album, and then into 1991 with the aptly titled ‘It’s Not Over’ album. Even now, things are far from over for this much loved band.


Summer Sun

Shooting Star - Summer Sun (music video)

Heat Of The Night
Shooting Star - Heat Of The Night

Don’t Walk Away
Shooting Star - Don't Walk Away (Silent Scream)

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