Secret - The End Of The Road

Secret – The End Of The Road


Secret are the duo of 91 Suite alumni Jesus Epsin and Ivan Gonzalez, who sound better than ever, and I can affirm; they sound nothing like the car smash resembled on their album cover jacket.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Secret
ALBUM: The End Of The Road
LABEL: Melodic Rock Records
YEAR: 2014

LINEUP: Jesus Espin – vocals * Ivan Gonzalez – guitar, bass, keyboards, drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Here With Me * 02 Since I Fell For You * 03 Just to Hear You Say * 04 Give Up The Fight * 05 Trust Someone * 06 I Believe In Love * 07 When You Really Love Someone * 08 Peace Of Mind * 09 Wherever You Go * 10 Out Of My Life * 11 Bring You Down * 12 Angeline

RATING: 90/100



I don’t know about you, but the mid 2000’s bought back great memories of some Spanish acts. 91 Suite was one of those, and the two key guys from that band are resurrected in 2014: as the duo Secret. I loved 91 Suite, and I’m so glad they are back, signed to Andrew McNeice’s Melodic Rock Records. Even if it’s only two parts of their former band.

The duo of Jesus Epsin and Ivan Gonzalez sound better than ever, and I can affirm; they sound nothing like the car smash resembled on their album cover jacket. Oh no, this is prime-time melodic rock, sounding quite spectacular for just two blokes.

The Songs

The opener ‘Here With Me’ is out on YouTube, so you can get first dibs as to what Secret sound like, beyond my description here. It’s big and boomy, like Mr Big on steroids, the tempo is full-on, and the delivery is as urgent as Foreigner on ‘4’!! I love it.

‘Since I Fell For You’ falls back into AOR territory, poppy sounding even. ‘Just To Hear You Say’ falls into ballad territory, but it’s a bit more potent than that. Espin really has a magical voice that gives this song the ultimate compliment.

‘Give Up The Fight’ lands in the Bon Jovi court, though I’m not sure whether that’s a compliment or insult. It sounds ok though, so we’ll call it a compliment. ‘Trust Someone’ swings in the direction of rock/country (loosely), not quite Nashville, not quite anything actually.. but it works.

‘I Believe In Love’ is back into the middle lane of AOR. Ah this is more like it. Excellent! Still can’t quite believe that it’s only two guys putting this quality stuff out. ‘When You Really Love Someone’ has an organic/earthy vibe to it. Gonzalez sounds as if he should move to Nashville!

‘Peace Of Mind’ could be a Frontiers offshoot (think Jamison, Fredriksen etc), while ‘Piece Of Mind’ is so generic, any number of acts/artists could spring to mind. ‘Out Of My Life’ is much better. More definite of the duo’s identity and their 91 Suite past. It really is a super smooth slice of AOR. A highlight for me.

‘Bring You Down’ is a real slam-dunk of a song. Big booming choruses with touch tender verses, when they collide it sounds magnificent. ‘Angeline’ closes the album. Not quite ballad (or even power ballad), somewhat similar to the stuff I’ve been listening to lately (a la Robby Valentine), which sits in between tempo and style.

In Summary

Wow. This is pretty classy for just two guys. Yes, I keep repeating that fact, but if full bands can’t get their shit together and yet two guys like Jesus and Ivan can, that says a lot doesn’t it? Secret is no secret any longer. A duo made in melodic rock heaven, and a compulsory listen for anyone interested in AOR this side of the black stump. Totally recommended!


Here With Me

Secret - Here with me (Official Video)

Since I Fell For You
Secret - Since I fell for you (Official Video)

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