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Sand – Sand

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Sand were a two-album band from Portland Oregon, that forged a brief and unfortunate run during the early to mid 70’s, plus they also had a connection to 80’s band Quarterflash.

Written by: gdmonline

LABEL: Barnaby Records
SERIAL: BR 15006
YEAR: 1973
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Jack Charles – lead vocals, lead guitar * Dan Ross – lead guitar, steel guitar, backing vocals * Rich Gooch – bass, backing vocals * Steve Williams – drums * Dan Wilson – rhythm and backing vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Who Ya Tryin’ To Fool * 02 Lovin’ You * 03 You * 04 Destined Road * 05 Mystery * 06 She * 07 Eagles Claw * 08 Lady Of Mine


Sand were a two-album band from Portland Oregon, that forged a brief and unfortunate run during the early to mid 70’s. They were old school country rock with comparisons to CSN&Y, America and The Eagles. The band were exceptional on the vocal harmony front, as their songs would testify.

Despite being signed and bought down to L.A to work with noted producer Ken Mansfield and then engineer Bill Schnee (Pablo Cruise and many others), Sand were snookered between a record label (Barnaby) that didn’t know a thing about the burgeoning blue-jean country-rock market, and a distribution company (MGM) that left their debut album on the vine to die a natural death, due to their own internal wrangling.

The Songs

Listening to the songs on this LP really does wind the clock. From my childhood, I was quite familiar with bands and albums of this ilk. The Doobie Brothers, America, Bread, and to a lesser extent Steely Dan were all regular playthings on the family stereo.

Hearing Sand decades later would’ve made for great companion listening if I had access to the original LP. Sadly, I don’t recall seeing it in the second-hand bins around town, as I’m sure I would’ve picked it up just based on the cover and the gatefold packaging. Thank you MGM for a slack distribution job.

‘Who You Tryin’ To Fool’ is a great lead-off, with abundant vocal harmonies and ever-present steel guitar. Things take a poignant turn for the lush and pastoral, with the vista expanse of ‘You’ and the down-home folkiness of ‘Destined Road’.

Gotta love the hot pickin’ to ‘Mystery’, and I’m thinking overall, the Sand album is quite close to America‘s ‘Homecoming’ LP from the year before. If you remember ‘Ventura Highway’, then it’s of the same vintage.

The steel guitar is the standout feature on the sixth track ‘She’, and of course the trademark vocal harmonies. ‘Eagle Claw’ the penultimate track is my highlight of this eight-tracker, highly melodic and with some unusual turns courtesy of Dan Ross’ very effective steel guitar. The finale ‘Lady Of Mine’ takes the lead vocal into the clouds. Not quite the Vienna Boys Choir but you get the point.

In Summary

Interestingly, the debut Sand LP was comprised on two single-sided LP discs. Released in a gatefold sleeve, this would fetch good money these days, that is if you can find a copy. Sand went onto to release a second independent and locally produced record ‘Head In The Sand’ in 1976. Sadly I don’t think either album has seen a digital reissue.

Also of note, Rick Gooch and Jack Meussdorffer (a.k.a Jack Charles) went on to join Marv and Rindy Ross in the 80’s hit band Quarterflash, best known for their huge 1981 hit single ‘Harden My Heart’.

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