Saga - 10,000 Days

Saga – 10,000 Days


Saga continue their run on InsideOut/SPV with a new album in 2007 ‘10,000 Days’. It follows on the heels of the previous years effort ‘Trust’.

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ALBUM: 10,000 Days
YEAR: 2007
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LINEUP: Michael Sadler – vocals, keyboards * Ian Crichton – guitars * Jim Crichton – bass, keyboards * Jim Gilmour – keyboards, vocals * Brian Doerner – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Lifeline * 02 Book Of Lies * 03 Sideways * 04 Can’t You See Me Now * 05 Corkentellis (Instr) * 06 More Than I Deserve * 07 Sound Advice * 08 10,000 Days * 09 It Never Ends

RATING: 90/100



Saga continue their run on InsideOut/SPV with a new album in 2007 ‘10,000 Days’. It follows on the heels of the previous years effort ‘Trust’. A good album, but from my ears ‘10,000 Days’ is much much better. Seems the band decided to give a fitting performance in time for the impending departure of band stalwart Michael Sadler, who has publicly announced his retirement from the band at year end (2007).

For Michael, living in Los Angeles and away from the Canadian origins of the band makes things slightly disconnected when it comes to keeping a band like Saga together. A credit to them that they have released a very good set of tunes which takes us back deeper into their musical history than they would care to admit. Great for long time fans, and proves that good music true to the ideals of melodic rock/progressive rock that crested the wave of popularity back then – still has relevance in the here and now.

The Songs

Saga open their account with ‘Lifeline’. An awkward opener which may not appeal to die-hard fans but it gives the album an uptempo vibe from the outset. The second track is much better. ‘Book Of Lies’ takes us back to the era of ‘Silent Knight’. One listen and you’ll hear the comparison is fully warranted. From the mega time changes to the guitar and synth plucks and drum rolls.. it’s like history is being repeated.

The eastern/Asian styled introduction on ‘Sideways’ gives way to some timeless Saga prog rock, stuff of olde that is obviously still to the forefront of their compositions twenty plus years on. ‘Can’t You See Me Now’ negotiates a shuffle back-beat with some clever passages that suggest a few digs at their extensive back catalogue.

The instrumental ‘Corkentellis’ is a stand-out track. The swirling mixture of instruments played with class and skill is a testament to all their years together. Simply put, in among the typical Saga pomp bombast, there are some gorgeous songs here.

Check out the lush arrangement of ‘More Than I Deserve’ – a relaxing piece that swims in ambient melody. For me, this is one of the albums highlights. The prog folk leanings of the title track ‘10,000 Days’ is another example. Simple structure, subtle layers of synths below the acoustic wash, added to that a rich vocal chorus. Nice track indeed!

In Summary

For me, this is one of the better Saga albums in recent years. Four of these tracks will ensure this CD sits high in the year-end poll. Shame that Michael Sadler is moving on, but it’s been a long road for him – time to kick back with the family and do some other things in life. I’m sure he’ll be spoilt for choice – talented chap that he is.

Whether this becomes the last Saga album remains to be seen. It can’t be denied, Sadler certainly gave the band a lot of energy and momentum, and his loss may prove to be the straw that breaks the camels back. We shall await with interest what Saga intends doing from 2008 onwards. Watch this space.


10000 Days

10,000 Days

Corkentellis (Instrumental)

Book Of Lies
Book of Lies

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