Rough Cutt - Wants You

Rough Cutt – Wants You


Here’s the second studio LP from Los Angeles quartet Rough Cutt, typically we are subjected to more of the same sound that we heard on the debut, though there are a few subtle differences.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Rough Cutt
ALBUM: Wants You!
LABEL: Warner Bros
SERIAL: 25484
YEAR: 1986
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Paul Shortino – vocals * Chris Hager – guitars * Amir Derakh – guitars * Matt Thorr – bass * Dave Alford – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Rock The USA * 02 Bad Reputation * 03 Don’t Settle For Less * 04 Hot N Heavy * 05 Take A Chance * 06 We Like It Loud * 07 Double Trouble * 08 You Wanna Be A Star * 09 Let ‘Em Talk * 10 The Night Cries Out (For You)



This time we are looking at the second studio LP from Los Angeles quartet Rough Cutt. Having just reviewed their debut yesterday, it seemed fitting to finish off the band’s complete studio discography. Typically we are subjected to more of the same sound that we heard on the debut, though there are a few subtle differences.

The band bought in Jack Douglas, replacing Tom Allom. Douglas, who also worked on Brighton Rock‘s ‘Young Wild And Free’ LP the same year, applied a different approach. I’ve since read elsewhere that his production style didn’t suit Rough Cutt, I disagree, it’s just different that’s all, and some of the songs on this platter I feel are superior to the debut.

The Songs

I didn’t quite warm to the opener ‘Rock The USA’, sure it’s all hellfire and brimstone, but quite cheesy in the same (blue) vein.. excuse the pun. The second track ‘Bad Reputation’ is a winner for me, sort of like a more melodic and less heavy Malice.

‘Don’t Settle For Less’ is a poppier affair, similar to Autograph, nice tune. ‘Hot N Heavy’ might have a metallic sounding songtitle, but in reality it’s not. A decent tune which includes a lot of congas and percussion through the middle, making it sound like Santana doing metal. WTF?

Slowing the tempo a bit, ‘Take A Chance’ gives the band an opportunity to show their hand at lighter material. Actually, this sounds more like Quiet Riot. Returning to anthem styled rock, ‘We Like It Loud’ picks up the same lyrical message as Twisted Sister did with ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ and ‘I Wanna Rock’, where the music comes first and parents wishes come a distant last.

I skipped through ‘Double Trouble’ which was a plodder to my ears, much better is the chugging guitar rock ‘You Wanna Be A Star’, so too ‘Let ‘Em Talk’ which has a really cool sound not typical of Rough Cutt’s style. The album ends with a slow jam ballad ‘The Night Cries Out (For You)’, which suits Paul Shortino’s vocals perfectly. It goes to show that Rough Cutt could mix it up, and not be defined as a one dimensional hair band.

In Summary

This was to be the band’s final day in the sun, as they broke up when Shortino decided to take over from Kevin Dubrow in Quiet Riot.

Other members went off to form/join Jailhouse, a band that unfortunately never made it out of the second division.

A posthumous live release was issued in 1996 by De Rock Records, which contained three new studio tracks which were supposed to surface on a new RC album titled ‘Rough Cutt III’. Nothing eventuated though. ‘Wants You!’ and the debut album can easily be picked up from Wounded Bird Records as a 2 on 1 CD, and in more recent times – Rock Candy Records. Go to it.


Double Trouble

Rough Cutt - Double Trouble (Official Video) (1986) From The Album Wants You

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