Raymond Vincent - Metronomics

Raymond Vincent – Metronomics


This is a full blown progressive rock album from Belgian violinist Raymond Vincent, mixing instrumental and vocal tracks.

Written by: Eric

ARTIST: Raymond Vincent
ALBUM: Metronomics
LABEL: Indie (Promotional Giveaway, Izarra Liquor)
YEAR: 1972
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Raymond Vincent – violin

TRACK LISTING: 01 Blue Prayer For A Cello In Love * 02 La Danse Du Canard Sauvage * 03 Mouvement Pour Archet * 04 Mary Jane * 05 Isabelle * 06 La Mouette * 07 Les Plutoniens * 08 Pouring Rain


Long before corporate product tie-in’s and rock ‘n’ roll had become an acceptable way to boost an artist’s bottom line, came this little album by Belgian violinist Raymond Vincent. Formerly of Belgium pop/prog legends Wallace Collection, ‘Metronomics’ was recorded in downtime following the dissolution of that band and before Vincent’s hook-up with the multi-national proggers Esperanto.

As the story goes, this record was given away in stores with the purchase of ‘Izarra’ – a strong liqueur from the Basque region of Spain. Gracing the cover is an illustration by renowned Belgian artist Josse Goffin and he even gets his photo next to Vincent on the back cover almost as if he collaborated on the music.

Hard to say, since ‘Metronomics’ outside of it’s limited distribution, reveals little in the liner notes as to who contributed what, although there is a rumor vocalist Dirk Bogaert of the Wallace Collection off-shoot Waterloo appears on the record.

The Songs

As there are no credits other than Raymond Vincent you can rest easy. This isn’t one of those cold academic violin works commonly found on labels like ECM, but a full blown progressive rock album, alternating between instrumental and vocal tracks steeped with European flavour.

Raymond Vincent’s violin work is simply gorgeous especially on ‘Mouvement Pour Archet’ (Movement for Bow’) and the melancholic ‘La Mouette, but the vocal cuts ‘Mary Jane’, ‘Isabelle (Music Du Film ‘Isabelle’)’ and ‘Les Plutoiens’ are where it’s at sounding like Procol Harum and The Moody Blues meeting up with The Flock. Excellent old school prog, beautifully executed, charming music designed to delight and surprise.

In Summary

Due to it’s odd marketing you can imagine how rare an original copy of this album is, but thanks to the South Korean label M2U, ‘Metronomics’ was released on CD in a neat gatefold mini-LP sleeve with a deluxe booklet. It’s out of print, although copies show up from time to time from the usual sources. If you see Raymond Vincent’s little violin/prog masterpiece, snap it up, pick up a bottle of ‘Izarra’ at the same time for effect and enjoy.

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