Quiet Riot - 10

Quiet Riot – 10


There’s still life in Quiet Riot and Banali has been proven right in the long run to keep the band alive in DuBrow’s memory. Once again it takes a veteran act to show how it’s done.

Written by: Dangerzone

ARTIST: Quiet Riot
LABEL: RSM Records
YEAR: 2014
CD INFO: Discogs Info List

LINEUP: Jizzy Pearl, Kevin DuBrow – vocals * Alex Grossi – guitar * Chuck Wright, Rudy Sarzo, Tony Franklin – bass * Frankie Banali – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Rock In Peace * 02 Bang For Your Buck * 03 Backside Of Water * 04 Back On You * 05 Band Down * 06 Dogbone Alley * 07 Put Up Or Shut Up (live) * 08 Free (live) * 09 South of Heaven (live) * 10 Rock ‘n’ Roll Medley (live)

RATING: 80/100



Frankie Banali has come in for plenty of criticism since reforming Quiet Riot in 2010, with the band going through a succession of vocalists in an attempt to fill the shoes of the late Kevin DuBrow, who died in 2007. In this day and age it really seems pointless arguing the merits of the new lineup, after all Paul Shortino replaced DuBrow in the 80’s, which was also met with disdain by most.

Banali settled on journeyman Jizzy Pearl (Love/Hate, L.A. Guns, Ratt etc) for the new album and it’s a safe decision based on his extensive HISTORY. Keeping alive past versions of the band is bassist Chuck Wright and guitarist Alex Grossi, and like Pearl has been in so many bands it’s impossible to list them all here.

Bang Tango was where he made his name primarily and he played with Pearl in Adler’s Appetite a few years BACK. The new album itself is a little dodgy conceptually, with six new tracks and four live cuts from one of DuBrow’s last gigs with the band in 2007. Putting in ‘guest’ appearances on the new tracks are former bassists Sarzo and Franklin, an odd choice with Wright as the full-time four string man for the group.

The Songs

The six new tracks are the selling point and it’s nice to report they are all worthy additions to the bands mostly excellent back catalogue. They aren’t in the vein of ‘Metal Health’ but instead follow a more late 80’s hard rock route, not unlike the much maligned 1988 album, although without the blatant Whitesnake influences and ballads.

‘Rock In Peace’ introduces some AC/DC styled riffs from Grossi and Pearl does a good DuBrow imitation, all with the help of some thunderous drumming from Banali. The chorus is rowdy, with the whole band ganging up for maximum effect. More of the same is ‘Bang For Your Buck’ which is traditional QR, this one again featuring a huge hook, one DuBrow would have been proud of. It could be 1986 listening to this one.

The highly melodic ‘Backside Of Water’ is another gem, the band all in form, with Pearl being the standout performer, showing real versatility. The hard rock master class continues with ‘Back On You’ and the fourth ‘B’ song in a row ‘Band Down’, both absolutely brimming with confidence and a renewed sense of purpose.

The tried and tested hard rock of ‘Dogbone Alley’ stands alongside anything by past versions of the band, big riffs and chorus at the forefront. Even in this altered state Quiet Riot is still one of the most powerful bands on the scene. Sadly it ends there and the rest are live tracks of exceptionally poor audio quality, with DuBrow sounding ragged.

‘Put Up Or Shut Up’ is one of the bands best songs even as wretched as it sounds here, and the surprise inclusion of ‘Rehab’ tracks ‘Free’ and ‘South Of Heaven’ sound more palatable. A nine minute ‘Rock And Roll Medley’ evolves into a heavy jam session, where Banali demolishes his kit, the band demonstrating their live prowess in very Who like style.

In Summary

Even with only six new tracks this is a worthwhile listen and even the live tracks have some appeal, simply because they aren’t predictable selections. There’s still life in Quiet Riot and Banali has been proven right in the long run to keep the band alive in DuBrow’s memory. Once again it takes a veteran act to show how it’s done.


Rock In Peace

Quiet Riot - Rock In Peace

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