Peter Frampton - Frampton's Camel

Peter Frampton – Frampton’s Camel


No one could have predicted the success Peter Frampton would achieve based on this album, but it became the blueprint for the AOR freight train that was ‘Frampton Comes Alive’.

Written by: Eric

ARTIST: Peter Frampton
ALBUM: Frampton’s Camel
YEAR: 1973
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LINEUP: Peter Frampton – lead vocals, guitar, bass, drums, electric piano, hammond organ, tambourine * Mick Gallagher – clavinet, hammond organ, electric piano, piano, backing vocals * Rick Wills – bass * John Siomos – drums

Additional Musicians: Frank Carillo – electric and acoustic guitar, backing vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 I Got My Eyes On You * 02 All Night Long * 03 Lines On My Face * 04 Which Way The Wind Blows * 05 I Believe (When I Fall In Love With You It Will Be Forever) * 06 White Sugar * 07 Don’t Fade Away * 08 Just The Time Of Year * 09 Do You Feel Like We Do



No one in his or her right mind could have predicted the success Peter Frampton would eventually achieve based on this album, but it certainly was the blueprint for the AOR freight train that was ‘Frampton Comes Alive’.

Named after his touring band at the time, ‘Frampton’s Camel’ (a lot of humpin’ going on? I dunno..) finds the ’70s wonder boy in a harder rock mood than on his superb post-Humble Pie debut – ‘Wind Of Change’.

And with extensive road work supporting Johnny Winter, Mott The Hoople, Frank Zappa, PFM, Poco and Santana; Frampton’s Camel were a force to be reckoned with a top-flight band who looked as good as they sounded.

The Songs

The majority of the record naturally is dominated by Peter’s signature guitar but former Cochise Mick Gallagher’s keyboard work, late drummer John Siomos and future Foreigner bassist Rick Wills provide sturdy back-up on an album that refuses to wimp out, even on the slower stuff.

‘I Got My Eyes On You’ contains all the elements that made Peter Frampton so great. A fluid melodic line, killer chorus and tasty guitar work.. it’s all here. And on songs like ‘Lines On My Face’ featuring gorgeous electric piano from Gallagher and lilting guitar or the pre-power ballad – lighter in the air rocker with the overly long title ‘I Believe (When I Fall In Love With You It Will Be Forever)’.

One the second side Frampton dips back into the Humble Pie sound for the blues rocker ‘White Powder’ while closing the album out with his future classic ‘Do You Feel like We Do’.

It has to be said, the first few opening notes of this tune are some of the most memorable in the history of classic rock, right up there with ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ and ‘Smoke On The Water’ and the studio version is almost just as powerful as the better known 1975 live take – and without the now infamous ‘TalkBox’.

In Summary

Currently in print on CD and paired with ‘Wind Of Change’, this is a must have album as Peter Frampton was clearly ahead of the curve of what was to come musically in the late ’70s and early ’80s. I recently had the chance to see Peter Frampton in concert and was literally blown away by his guitar mastery, so if he ever comes to your town or city, make the effort. Hard to imagine you’ll be disappointed.

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