Novo Combo - The Animation Generation

Novo Combo – The Animation Generation


New York based band Novo Combo released two credible AOR albums, this one being their second and best. A good sound, smooth with clean guitar lines.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Novo Combo
ALBUM: The Animation Generation
LABEL: Polydor
SERIAL: PD-1-6356
YEAR: 1982
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Pete Hewlett – vocals, guitars * Carlos Rios – guitars * Stephen Dees – vocals, bass * Michael Shrieve – drums, percussion

TRACK LISTING: 01 Animation Generation * 02 Too Long Gone * 03 Slow Fade * 04 Keep Your Love Alive * 05 Anyone Can See * 06 Welcome Invitation * 07 Chained Man * 08 Follow The Love * 09 She Runs * 10 No Wonder



Perhaps smothered by bands of their era, the New York based Novo Combo released two credible AOR albums, this one being their second and best. A good sound, smooth with clean guitar lines. Novo Combo’s influences come from acts like Pablo Cruise, Toto, and in particular The Police.

They could even be described as a pre-cursor to the likes of The Outfield. Previous guitarist Jack Griffiths had departed by the time this album came out, with the well credentialled Carlos Rios joining on.

[Rios, Dees, Shrieve, Hewlett]

The Songs

‘The Animation Generation’ was produced by the band in tandem with Elliot Scheiner and is far more radio friendly than the self titled album from the previous year. I love the cover art too.

The songs which stand out for me are the ones in which Pete Hewlett sings. He has a voice not too far removed from Dennis DeYoung and these are effective on the stand out cuts ‘Follow The Love’, ‘Too Long Gone’ and especially ‘Keep Your Love Alive’ which is an absolute keeper for me.

A couple of songs which Stephen Dees sings on are also half decent, like ‘Slow Fade’ and ‘She Runs’, but I still prefer the Hewlett offerings. In some places there is a faint latin feel, no doubt due to Mike Shrieve’s past background and Carlos Rio’s leaning towards Larry Carlton type guitar lines.

In Summary

All in all, a by product of 1982, a fantastic year for AOR and melodic rock. The band didn’t last long unfortunately, though Shrieve went on to work with HSAS, while Stephen Dees hooked up with Bob Kulick and three of the guys from SPYS to form the shortlived outfit Sing Sing, (not to be confused with the midwest band of the same name who released an album during the early 90’s).


The Animation Generation

Novo Combo Animation Generation.wmv

Too Long Gone
Novo Combo - Too Long Gone (Extremely Rare Music Video)

Slow Fade
NOVO COMBO - "Slow Fade"

Keep Your Love Alive
Keep Your Love Alive

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