Noah - Peaceman's Man

Noah – Peaceman’s Farm


Canadian band Noah with Randy Bachman in the hot seat delivered an album of killer-no filler rock spiced with southern flavourings.

Written by: Eric

ALBUM: Peaceman’s Farm
LABEL: ABC/Dunhill
YEAR: 1971
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Barry ‘Buzz’ Vandersel – lead vocals, bass * Marinus Vandertogt – guitars, vocals * Peter Vandertogt – drums, percussion, vocals

Additional Musicians: Randy Bachman – lead guitar * Jim Morgan – keyboards

TRACK LISTING: 01 Peaceman’s Farm * 02 They Come, They Go * 03 Sussex * 04 April Roads * 05 Light Of A Different Day * 06 For Us All * 07 World Band * 08 Something’s In My Way * 09 Take Me Back * 10 Never Too Late


At first glance you might make the mistake thinking this rustic looking Southern Ontario trio was of Christian origins, but not so. With roots in the early ’60s as the naffly monikered Buzzy & The Belvederes, the band wisely changed their tune as Tyme And A Half releasing two singles along the way.

Signing to RCA under the newly christened Noah thanks to producer Jack Richardson and his Nimbus 9 Productions, the self-titled debut album gained a fair amount of attention with Randy Bachman fresh from The Guess Who making a guest appearance. Not happy with Richardson’s involvement early on during the recording of their sophomore album, the band reconnected with Bachman as both producer and guitar player. The resulting album ‘Peaceman’s Farm’ has Bachman playing a major role and even went so far as to tour both Canada and the U.S. as Noah’s guitarist.

The Songs

What did the burly string-slinger hear in these guys? Well for starters this is killer-no filler rock spiced with southern flavourings and from the opening title track you just know this is going to be something special. Bachman’s chunky riffing is truly inspired here and seems to be just the tonic he needed following his final bow-out from The Guess Who. There’s a tinge of psychedelia found here and there, typical of the time and the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young sound clearly held sway vocally.

The Bachman penned ‘Sussex’ carries this influence well as does ‘April Roads’, but it’s the heavier material like ‘Light Of A Different Day’ and the ambitious southern ballad ‘Never Too Late’ where Noah exceeds expectations. And best of all, not a single indication of Bachman’s future work and trademark chugga-lugga na-na-na nah’s to be found anywhere which is reason enough to give ‘Peaceman’s Farm’ a big recommendation.

In Summary

Dropped by ABC/Dunhill due to an inexplicable lack of interest, the band began recording a third album ‘California Man’ under Bachman’s funding although a brain tumor found in lead vocalist Barry Vandersel and his eventual death put a premature end to both the album and Noah.

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