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Lost Way – Lost Way


Lost Way are a Spanish hard rock band who have released a decent 2023 debut album in the classic rock style.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Lost Way
ALBUM: Lost Way
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 2023

LINEUP: Kike – vocals * Pedro – guitars * Pablo – bass * Alvaro – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 You Lost Your Chance * 02 I’m So We’ll (With You) * 03 Talk No More * 04 This Night (You Load Your Gun) * 05 Caminando * 06 Move Your Bones * 07 Kristallnacht * 08 Laufen * 09 Small Windows * 09 Crazy Baby * 10 Psycho * 11 But You

RATING: 85/100

WEBLINKS: Linktree Site Link | FB Page


Lost Way are a Spanish hard rock band who have released their debut album in 2023. The band are from the town of Valladolid which is located slightly northwest of Madrid. They appear to have been around since 2018 or thereabouts, according to the chronological data from their social media accounts (refer their Link tree link above).

Lost Way have described themselves as AOR, but the tracks that are resident on their debut album are more about traditional 70’s/80’s classic rock without any trace of keyboards, so I am unsure how they came to that self-scribed conclusion. The guitar work grunts away with varied classic rock influences and sounds damn good all things considered.

The Songs

Things get underway with the funky groove of ‘You Lost Your Chance’, it’s propelled along at a crisp tempo. ‘I’m So We’ll (With You)’ is another albeit slower blues based rocker, with not a smidgen of AOR to be found. Lost Way start cranking up the amps on ‘Talk No More’, this is more it, a guitar rocker in the classic rock mould.

‘This Night (You Load Your Gun)’ has this wild west theme going on, the song-title is a bit of a giveaway you would think. Here they sound Scottish band Swamp Born Assassins fused with some Guns N Rosrs. The latter reference also holds true for the Spanish language track ‘Caminando’.

The tempo kicks into high gear on the bouncy ‘Move Your Bones’, not quite boogie in sound but definitely in attitude. ‘Kristallnacht’ is a short acoustic and regimented drum interlude which segues into ‘Laufen’, perhaps the rockiest track on the album, this is good, lots of stomping drums and chugging riffs

‘Small Windows’ has a video for this track (see below), it’s another foot stomping rocker and is a good representation of Lost Way’s overall sound. ‘Crazy Baby’ takes us on another bluesy romp, with a hint of sleaze in the style of The Quireboys and bands of that persuasion. The staggered vocal line from Kike is interesting, it’s another solid and fun track.

My favourite track is the brutal ‘Psycho’. The guitars from Pedro are set to stun, if Lost Way pursue this direction in future, they will be well worth following. The lads finish up with ‘But You’, a mild opening that soon breaks into some fluid solo work from Pedro. I think if this one was higher up the track liisting it would’ve been more appealing earlier. Nevertheless, waiting around for it at the end of the album was not an insurmountable chore.

In Summary

I’m pretty pleased to have discovered these Spaniards. They are talented enough to play different styles in the classic rock genre which makes them both interesting and appealing. I’ll be listening to Lost Way for a few more weeks yet, enjoying their brand of classic hard rock with a few twists and turns.




But You

But You

Small Windows

Small Windows - Official Video

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