Lodi - Lodi

Lodi – Lodi

93 / 100

Lodi is a great record that deserved better, a solid production, sharp and crisp, with America, Three Dog Night, Joe Cocker and The Beatles for references.

Written by: Eric

LABEL: Mo West Records (Motown)
YEAR: 1972

LINEUP: Beau Charles – lead guitar, vocals * John Charles – bass, vocals * Ritchie Constanza – guitars, vocals * Eric Swanson – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 I Hope I See It In My Own Lifetime * 02 Most Of All * 03 Here To Stay * 04 Happiness * 05 Spinning * 06 2000 Miles From Home * 07 Decisions * 08 I Like What You Take * 09 My Dorene * 10 Follow The Wind * 11 Colors In The Sky

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Formed by the brothers Beau and John Charles formerly of The Knickerbockers, a band often mistaken for The Beatles and consequently managed a Fab Four influenced top twenty hit with ‘Lies’ which was later covered by numerous artists including Styx for their ‘Man Of Miracles’ album.

Truly a one hit wonder but not for a lack of trying. Beau and John kept the band going until 1971, when they signed to Motown Records subsidiary – Mowest records and changed their name to the more hip and Country rock-ish sounding – Lodi. As the story goes Mowest spent some serious cash on the record and band but did little in the way of promotion and Lodi disappeared into the sunset.

The Songs

This is damn near a great record that deserved a better shot. Solid production, sharp and crisp resulting in a dusty cross between America, Three Dog Night, Joe Cocker and The Beatles circa 1969 and at times – vaguely proggy.

Good natured and easy going, Lodi were a capable band of pop merchants who knew catchy songs, strong harmonies and tight guitar licks were the way to go. The first three cuts, in particular the lovely ‘Here To Stay’ show Lodi at their best and the album’s only single ‘Happiness’ is none too shabby either sounding like an outtake from the first Crabby Appleton album.. It’s too bad it was released several months before the LP hit the stores – silly record companies.

In Summary

I pull out this record about once a year giving it a few spins for pure enjoyment and it seems to be growing in reputation among collectors of early 70’s obscurities which will hopefully lead to a CD reissue at some point. Fingers crossed.

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