Kansas - Power

Kansas – Power


By 1985, Steve Walsh had reunited Kansas alongside Rich Williams and Phil Ehart, joining the band were guitar genius Steve Morse and bassist Billy Greer, the latter dragged along by Walsh from Streets.

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ARTIST: Kansas
ALBUM: Power
YEAR: 1986
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LINEUP: Steve Walsh – vocals, keyboards * Steve Morse – guitars * Rich Williams – guitars * Billy Greer – bass, backing vocals * Phil Ehart – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Silhouettes In Disguise * 02 Power * 03 All I Wanted * 04 Secret Service * 05 We’re Not Alone Anymore * 06 Musicatto * 07 Taking In The View * 08 Three Pretenders * 09 Tomb 19 * 10 Can’t Cry Anymore



Symphonic rockers Kansas suffered at the box-office during the early 80’s. A string of releases which saw a change of direction and band personnel, but also the creative juices of the band had all but been consumed. It’s not to say that albums such as ‘Audio Visions’, ‘Vinyl Confessions’ and ‘Drastic Measures’ were write-offs, because they weren’t, each one of them had great moments.

However, as individual bodies of work, they weren’t particularly fulfilling either, and as a consequence the band went into hiatus during 1983. Kerry Livgren went on to form his AD band/project while Steve Walsh who had departed the band in 1980 was busy with his new band Streets. By 1985, Walsh had reunited Kansas alongside Rich Williams and Phil Ehart, joining the band were guitar genius Steve Morse (ex Dixie Dregs) and bassist Billy Greer, dragged along by Walsh from Streets.

The reformed band signed on with MCA, the result being an impressive comeback album ‘Power’. The only uncertainty was the new direction in which the band moved in. They sounded even more AOR/commercial than the three aforementioned 80’s albums, and even less of the symphonic greatness which bore their hallmark sound all during the 70’s. Not that I was complaining, because this new direction was in keeping with the sound of the day, it was 1986 after all, and I was enjoying it regardless.

The Songs

The band are all aggression and pumping on the excellent hard rocker ‘Silhouettes In Disguise’, what a way to introduce the new Kansas! Steve Morse is surely Mr Action-Man. The title track ‘Power’ displays a strutting Survivor ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ like guitar strut through some gentile verses, before living up to its title on the chorus.

The bands first single ‘All I Wanted’ made it to #10 in the charts. A lovely ballad rich in orchestration with a nice Foreigner like feel circa ‘Agent Provocateur’. As per the title ‘Secret Service’ has a regimented beat to it, the song not one of the better ones here I’m afraid. Picking up the pace is the fun-time rock n roll of ‘We’re Not Alone Anymore’.

The back half of the album keeps the interest levels high which is a good thing. ‘Musicatto’ is an instrumental which drifts into the acoustic wash of ‘Taking In The View’. However, the next two tracks are killers: ‘Three Pretenders’ has an incredible chorus and some prowling bass lines courtesy of Greer.

The tale of Mayan kings and sacred burial chambers is told in ‘Tomb 19’, the mystical lyrics making way for some beautiful melodic rock. For me, the album highlight. ‘Can’t Cry Anymore’ is the album closer, a dramatic affair that’ll have you reaching for the nearest hanky. The song was penned by The Producers pair of Van Temple and Tim Smith, along with Walsh.

In Summary

Many die-hard 70’s fans of Kansas turned their nose up at this album. The near pop-metal sound all too much for those missing the violins and eight minute symphonic passages. The addition of Steve Morse to the band was as energetic a move as was Trevor Rabin joining Yes.

Morse’s influence on ‘Power’ and the follow-up ‘In The Spirit Of Things’ should not be under-estimated. A great return, despite the different direction. However, with three classic tracks under the one roof (‘Power’, ‘Three Pretenders’ and ‘Tomb 19’) you can’t go wrong.


All I Wanted

Kansas - All I Wanted (Official Music Video)

Three Pretenders
Three Pretenders

Tomb 19
Tomb 19

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